15 People With Extra Limbs & Body Parts


From third nipples on celebrities to unborn siblings growing limbs all over your chest and back, we count 15 of the most bizarre appendages ever to sprout on the human body.

15 – The Two-Headed Baby


  • These two boys were born from a 25 year old Brazilian woman: Maria de Nazare
  • The twins shared the same lungs, liver, heart and pelvis – but with two individual brains and spine columns
  • The director of Santa Casa hospital advised the mother that removing or separating the heads wasn’t an option since both brains were functioning and independent, but simply shared their body
  • So she called them Emanoel and Jesus, in tribute of the fabled religious figures

14 – The Spider Girl

Spider girls 1

  • India, 1970, two conjoined twins are born Ganga and Jamuna Mondal sharing 4 arms, 3 legs (2 of which are working), two hearts, two kidneys, one liver, one sexual organ and stomach
  • But they got their name Spider Girl working at the Dreamland Circus showing off their daily routine to people, and the way they walked just as a two-headed spider would

13 – Mark Wahlberg


  • The well-known actor has a third nipple on the left side of his chest
  • He considered getting it removed when he initially started acting work, but with time he came to accept it as a part of him
  • Only fewer than 2% of Earth’s population have these, likely more since they’re commonly mistaken for moles on the armpit or groin

12 – The Two-Bodied Girl


  • These were extra limbs and body parts inherited by accident
  • In the womb, Lakshmi Tatma had a parasitic twin that stopped developing halfway through, and so she absorbed the other twins body parts into her own
  • Thus, she was born with 4 arms, 4 legs, another kidney, stomach, chest cavity and nerves
  • Doctors decided to remove all these extraneous body parts in a $625,000 dollar operation that took 27 hours to complete

11 – The Horned Woman


  • This is from a 101 year old woman from China, Zhang Ruifang, who sprouted a goat horn on the left side of her forehead
  • Soon after, another began growing on the other side
  • The horn grew to two inches in size, made of keratin the same material found in fingernails and IS technically removable with a sterile razor – though since it is a type of tumor you’d still need to treat the underlying cause or chances are it’d grow back


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