15 Real Life Halloween Murders


From a murder committed because the costume looked too real to someone that killed their whole family inspired by the movie titled Halloween, we count 15 examples of death on everyone’s favourite creepy holiday

15 – Woodbridge Abductions,


  • When you think of trick-or-treating, you’re thinking about kids running around the neighbourhood in the middle of the night wearing costumes and unsupervised – a situation that rapists are happy to exploit
  • In 2009, a few teenage girls from Virginia went out trick-or-treating, only to get ambushed by a gun-wielding maniac who sexually assaulted two of the girls while the third called her mother on her mobile phone – the rapist soon fled
  • It took two years for the police to track the man down, by then known as the East Coast Rapist responsible for endless counts of rape in a 10 year period

14 – Poison Candy,


  • A father gave his children candy on halloween, but neglected to tell them he’d added an extra ingredient – cyanide
  • It was 1974, a Texas man had just taken out a huge life insurance policy on his kids, and so he thought it’d be a good idea to accelerate his investment and just kill them off to get the money
  • Not only this, but he also gave the cyanide candy to four other children, but the only kid that died was his eight-year-old son who swallowed it and died – the father was executed for his crimes 10 years later

13 – Trick or Treat Murder,

Trick 'r Treat

  • An ex-marine who split up with his wife because she ended up with another woman, shot when a trick-or-treater holding a gun showed up at his door and fired
  • His ex-wife left her lover and came back to her husband, but not before the lover felt scorned and so plotted with her friend to kill the husband
  • She chose halloween night because it wouldn’t look suspicious to see someone in a disguise show up at someone’s door, and the husband died in his wife’s arms on the hospital ride back

12 – Pasadena Murders,


  • Halloween night 1993, California, the Bloods gang were cruising around looking to retaliate for the murders by a rival gang earlier in the night
  • Instead they found three young teens who they pulled guns on and brutally shot to death for absolutely no reason – murdering the wrong group and ending the lives of three innocent teens
  • It took a couple of years before those members of the gang were found guilty of first-degree murder

11 – Liske Family Murder,


  • A 2010 case about an Ohio teenager who just came home from church only to find his brother, mother and step-father all bludgeoned to death in the face
  • This teen was traumatised, quoting that he thought it was like something out a nightmare or haunted house
  • The murderer turned out to be a son from the mother’s previous marriage known with a history of schizophrenia and violence – and he never gave a motive behind his actions


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