15 Real Life Super Powers


From people with slimy handshakes to a man that survived a car crash with no broken bones, we count 15 real-life super powers.

15 – Human ‘Magnets’,

TV ProSieben Galileo Germany featured Magnetic Man

  • There are many people over the world that claim to have the amazing property to create a magnetic field that causes metal to stick to their skin, which would be amazing if this were actually the case.
  • Of course, their powers aren’t limited to metal, they also get plastic to stick as well and they don’t cause any sort of problems with electronics.
  • Turns out they’re not actually magnetic, but instead have incredibly sticky skin, which is simply gross, however, it would be nice to be able to stick your phone to your chest instead of putting it in your pocket, I guess.

14 – Super Memory,


  • Daniel Tammet remembers pi to over twenty-two-thousand digits, can speak ten languages and has been studied extensively by neurobiologists because he can explain exactly how he does it.
  • Don’t get your hopes up though, he can do all of this because he has synaesthesia, in which he experiences textures, shapes and colours when he thinks of words and numbers.
  • In one instance he managed to learn conversational Icelandic in a week and then appeared in an interview speaking the language.

13– Mr Eat-all,

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Shutterstock – Zametalov
  • Have you ever been so hungry that you wanted to eat a whole Cessna plane? How about a coffin? Maybe a computer? If you answered no to all of these questions, you’re a normal person, but you’re also not a person with an actual super power.
  • Michel Lotito, also known as Mr Eat-all, had the ability to consume and, more importantly, shit out just about anything you can think of without any harm, including poisonous substances.
  • If the average person ate any of these items then they’d be left with serious problems, but not Mr Eat-all, although with that said he did also die at the age of 57 so his power wasn’t exactly perfect.

12 – Tame Wild Animals,


  • Kevin Richardson has the ability to tame just about any animal, it seems, as long as he rears them from infancy, which may not sound very impressive at first, but you try and join a pride of lions without any traditional taming methods and see how well that goes for you.
  • Taming big cats isn’t all puppy dogs and sunshine, there’s quite a serious problem with having a pride of lions treat you as one of their own, for instance they will also play fight with you, which, as you can imagine, is quite painful.

11 – Strongest Man in History,


  • Louis Cyr was a classical strong man, except with one major difference, he was better than everyone else by a long shot.
  • Doing a back lift he managed to lift just under two metric tonnes, he also wrestled a man around 2 feet taller than him and won.
  • His record breaking feats have yet to be surpassed by anyone to this day, including those who’ve taken anabolic steroids.

10 – The Human Computer, 


  • Shakuntala Devi was an Indian social worker with some pretty amazing mental abilities, some might call her a genius in mental computing; I, however, would call her a machine from the future that was destroyed in the search for Sarah Connor.
  • Shakuntala had the ability to perform mental calculations in blistering speed, for instance she managed to calculate the cube root of sixty-one million, six-hundred and twenty-nine-thousand, eight hundred and seventy five before the person checking her answers could write her answer down.

9 – Godhand,


  • Mas Oyama was an amazing example of what the human body could be capable of, he created his own full contact karate and has a black belt in two different disciplines than just his own.
  • He showed his strength and endurance by killing fully grown bulls with one blow and participating in three different hundred-man fighting competitions in a row, in which he fought off 100 trained karate masters a day for three days straight.

8 – Iceman,


  • Wim Hof doesn’t just have a whimsical name, he also has the ability to withstand insanely low temperatures that would kill most people were they exposed to them for the length of time that he puts himself through.
  • Iceman ran a marathon in –20 °C (−4 °F) weather in nothing but a pair of shorts, he also attempted to climb Mount Everest in the same attire, but couldn’t make it all the way up because of a foot injury.
  • He also holds the world record for the longest amount of time spent submerged in ice.


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