15 Scariest Movie Characters


From body morphing aliens to a mute in William Shatner mask we look at the 15 scariest movie characters

15 – Dr. Weir – Event Horizon,


  • While some consider Event Horizon to be an overrated schlocky mess no one can deny how bat shit insane Sam Neil becomes.
  • Starting as the tame starship designer his descent into madness and ultimate possession make the end result scary as balls.
  • Weir’s desires to send the rescue team to literal hell make him the least desirable person to run into in space rescue mission. Well him and that guy from ‘Sunshine’.

14 – Max Cady – Cape Fear,


  • De Niro has played some truly psychotic characters, from Travis Bickel to Rupert Pupkin but none have approached the pant shitting terror of Max Cady.
  • Tattooed and muscled up from a prison sentence he goes straight for revenge against Nick Nolte in the remake of Cape Fear. And De Niro is terrifying from killing your PI to seducing your daughter, Cady has all your nightmares in spades.
  • The character has lost some of its edge from the numerous parodies over the years like that Simpson’s episode with Sideshow Bob in the Cady role.

13 – Pennywise – It,


  • Oh Tim Curry, the man responsible for making many men dress in fishnets also made many of those same men permanently traumatised of clowns living in the sewer.
  • Pennywise rivals Freddy Kruger in the goofiness to horrifying ratio by traumatising kids and doing horrible clown moves but ultimately loses scare points for turning into a giant spider at the end of the film. A lame giant spider. You kinda end up just feeling like “what the fuck was I afraid of here?”
  • They all may float down there but that crap doesn’t float with me. Get it? Crap…float…because he’s in the sewers….ah forget it. Either way Pennywise is still goddamn scary for every moment before he turns lame.

12 – Jason – Friday the 13th,


  • Jason Voorhees, everyone’s favourite hockey player from drowning in lakes to being resurrected as a kind of mystical zombie who slaughters teen campers.
  • Jason will make sure you are afraid of going camping or at least from not going to the place where the site has legends of people drowning while camp counsellors were having sex, I mean that’s just a given guys.
  • Of course most know Jason wasn’t the killer in the first film and even in the 5th but he has become the icon for creepy camp sites everywhere and he’s the world’s no 1 machete salesman.

11 – Pinhead – Hellraiser,


  • As we’ve said before Pinhead isn’t really the central villain in the first Hellraiser and more a force of nature that comes and fucks up all your shit. An unfathomable and uncontrollable cyclone of pain and pleasure.
  • Pinhead is iconic for the great visual design and effects work with him and his entourage of BDSM demons. While he is softened as the series goes on with it turning out that these creatures were people who dived too deep in the sexual fetish ocean.
  • Still early on he represents all the hidden desires for the abyss of the unknown that we all harbour and that’s what makes them scary. Holding up a mirror to the audience because well if he holds it up to himself he’d piss his pants.


  • Creepy (43%)
  • Lewd (21%)
  • No (21%)
  • Wat (7%)
  • Epic (7%)