15 Scariest Video Game Moments


From horror game scenes that play with what you already know to tried and true scenes that still scare the hell out of you anyways, we count 15 of the scariest scenes in gaming.

15 – Bioshock – Dentist’s Office,


  • Bioshock isn’t exactly the scariest game in the world, it has some creepy atmosphere for sure, but all of the enemies are perfectly killable.
  • When you walk into dentist’s office the room fills with smoke and then a corpse appears on the chair, however, it does nothing so you grab the audio diary and the smoke fills again; you turn around and BAM there’s a splicer.
  • Of course if you’re anything like me your first reaction is to shoot, which kills him pretty quickly.

14 – Half Life 2 – Ravenholm,


  • Another game that has good atmosphere, but is also not that scary, still Ravenholm is a level ripped right out of a horror game and honestly I wasn’t expecting it; unexpected horror can sometimes be more effective than a slow build up.
  • With that said, I probably should have expected it since they kept telling you ‘don’t go into Ravenholm’ with heavy helpings of fear laden into their voices.
  • Even still the entire area is full of enemies and restricted health and ammo, just like your classic survival horror game.

13 – Bloodborne – Giant Invisible Hand,


  • Bloodborne was advertised as a horror game, but I, like many others, thought that Fromsoft would leave the horror side of things to the enemies that can easily kill you.
  • Since it was Victorian London themed I obviously wanted a top hat, so you can imagine that when I finally found one I immediately put it on.
  • The second I left the equip screen I was greeted with my character being lifted into the air, and being crushed by a gigantic translucent hand and then promptly thrown down on the floor. Needless to say the experience was fatal for my character.

12 – System Shock 2 – SHODAN Revelation,


  • I’d played the first game, I knew my main enemy was going to be an AI, I even knew its name and what it looked like, but that didn’t stop me being surprised, shocked and more than a little frightened at SHODAN’s revelation.
  • This is mainly because the main ally I had been following up to that point was found dead in a chair, but not only that it turns out she had been dead the whole time and I was following SHODAN’s orders.

11 – Dead Space 2 – Opening Scene,

  • Dead Space 1 was a scarier, creepier, more atmospheric, better made game than Dead Space 2, but Dead Space 2 has one strong point over the original, and that is the first scene.
  • You start the game looking at Isaac’s face, something you never got in the original, then you’re talking with some guy about this and that when he gets stabbed from behind (the scariest position for sure) by a necromorph.
  • Then you have to run through a futuristic, but dilapidated asylum, dodging necromorphs, running away from corpses and hoping that you don’t die whilst being tied up in a straight jacket.
  • If that isn’t a great opening to a horror game I don’t know what is.

10 – Resident Evil 2 – Alligator,

  • The scariest aspect of the old Resident Evil games is the horrid controls, that’s not even a euphemism, it really makes the games scary as all buggery.
  • The scariest scene in all of the Resident Evils, however, is definitely the one where you come across a lake, your ally is shooting the water, you don’t know why, but then all of a sudden there’s a giant alligator snapping at you and your seat is now wet and you won’t admit why.

9 – Thief: Deadly Shadows – Shalebridge Cradle,


  • Ever wanted to visit a haunted house that was once both an orphanage and an asylum at the same time? Me neither, but Garret, the MC of thief has to do exactly that.
  • There are ghosts that flicker the lights, that creep up behind you and aren’t easy to kill, or to run away from.
  • Not only that, the house itself has a memory and won’t let any visitors leave the place alive, how does he escape? Maybe he never did, woOoOo

8 – Alien: Isolation – The Locker Isn’t Safe,


  • Everyone knows that there are only two places safe in a horror game, the pause screen and a conveniently human sized locker, that’s it.
  • Sure sometimes there’s a cutscene where you’re caught inside said locker, but that’s a different story.
  • Alien Isolation takes this trope and turns it on its head, you no longer and invisible to enemies in the locker, instead you have a split second to press the button to hold your breath or you’re violently ripped out and eaten like a skin burrito.


  • Epic (35%)
  • Creepy (33%)
  • Wat (13%)
  • Lewd (10%)
  • No (10%)