15 Spin Off Films No One Asked For


From highly questionable resurrections to getting rid of everything good about the original we look at Spin off films no one ever asked for


15 – Elektra,


  • Before the Avengers, there was an attempt to create a Marvel comic universe with ‘Daredevil’ as a starting point.
  • Even though ‘Daredevil was critically panned it made a fairly decent profit and plans went through with the first spin off, centred around Jennifer Garner’s character “Elektra” even though she had the slight problem of being killed off in the movie.
  • But with a little help of plot magic she was resurrected to stab sand bags yet again.
  • However ‘Daredevil’ had been so badly received by comic fans and the public Elektra’s fate was already sealed. This was one character that probably should have stayed dead.

14 –Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd: out of control,


  • Banking on the 2008 remake being a huge hit, the studio decided to capitalize on what would clearly be the break out characters of the film – the titular Bruce and Lloyd
  • But you might be asking who the hell are Bruce and Lloyd? Which would mean studios SUCK at predicting popular characters.
  • Bruce and Lloyd were the geeky tech guys of CONTROL, a parody of Q from the Bond films. Appealing mainly to audience for then ‘Heroes’ star Masi Oka playing Bruce
  • Released direct to DVD only 10 days after the theatrical release of Get Smart, the film was a product of the bloated publicity budget, existing only as an advertisement on store shelves.
  • However while Get Smart was a huge hit no one really wanted more Bruce or Lloyd and their adventures ended there with the film remaining only now as a marketing oddity.

13 – Ace Ventura, Jr.: Pet Detective,


  • Yes this actually exists.
  • One of the icons of the 90’s, Jim Carrey’s popular Ace Ventura sat dormant for 14 years before it was decided that the series would spin off the Ace’s son.
  • While the character was never established in the original films, someone felt it was a great idea to make and Ace Ventura film without Ace Ventura.
  • And With Ace Ventura Jr. being in his early teens, the story loses all of the crude humor of Carry’s character again leaving the audience to just question “why bother?”
  • Oh but at least it does explain Ace sr.’s fate, apparently he get lost in the Bermuda Triangle, which is probably also where the unsold copies of the film were dumped.

12 – Ewoks – Caravan of Courage, Battle of Endor,


  • ‘Return of the Jedi’ is criticised mostly for one thing, the Ewoks. Those cute cuddly toy selling Muppet teddy bears, that were just too ridiculous for a film where a space wizard samurai fights a giant slug gangster.
  • Regardless the Ewoks were a big seller with children and it made total sense that more Ewoks would be a good thing – enter Caravan of Courage and Battle of Endor.
  • Two cheesy TV films that were really just toy adverts in disguise.
  • The films are mostly remembered today for giving us creepy GIF’s of Ewoks hugging children and for giving a small glimpse into how Lucas would screw up the prequel trilogy.
  • Caravan of courage was particularly supervised by Lucas after the embarrassment that was “the star wars holiday special” and doesn’t fare much better.

11 – US Marshalls,


  • With The Fugitive being one of the biggest hits of 1993 it would make sense that a sequel would be on the way. Even though a sequel would make no sense to the story as everything is resolved.
  • So instead it was spun off to a new crime fighting adventure with Tommy Lee Jones’ US Marshall character Samuel Gerard.
  • Though with no fresh ideas the film more or less becomes a rehash with Wesley Snipes playing a less charismatic and talented version of Harrison Ford, again an innocent man on the run trying to prove that he has been set up but this time with a slight espionage twist.
  • The film is a one armed man away from being an out and out copy of the previous film and shows how limited the characters are.
  • He may not have killed his wife but this film certainly killed off any more plans for US Marshalls 2 and that isn’t a crime.


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