15 Strangest Prehistoric Creatures that Actually Existed


From crocodile sized cannibalistic millipedes to the most inefficient way of growing teeth we look at 15 strangest prehistoric creatures that actually existed.


15 – The Dunkleosteus,


  • Give a fish and armour plated jaw that’s about as inviting as a bear trap and you have this wonder of evolutionary history.
  • The Dunkleosteus could grow up to 10 metres long and weigh 3 and a half tonnes which for comparison is more than double the size of a Great White Shark. But its most fearsome feature was its armour plated head and jaw giving it most likely the strongest bite in history.
  • Though this didn’t stop the Dunkleosteus being wiped out along with its whole group of armoured fish. I’d hate to meet whatever was able to wipe out the bear trap with fins monster.

14 – The Jaekelopterus,


  • This giant armoured millipede like creature is not only strange looking but also one of the most deadly creatures of its time.
  • Categorised as a Sea Scorpion, it would grow over two metres long and dominate coastal swamps by devouring everything in its path including other Jaekelopterus. Yes this thing was a horrible cannibal. Just a reminder that 2 metres long is about the size of an adult Crocodile.
  • Technically it was also one of the largest insects to ever live as well so there’s something new for your nightmares tonight guys.

13 – The Epidendrosaurus,


  • Imagine your pinkie finger being twice the length of your middle finger and you have the sole reason that this bird like dinosaur made the list.
  • Essentially it all looks pretty standard for the Epidendrosaurus until you get to that pesky third finger that looks like nature made a terrible terrible mistake. But no there is a valid reason for this with the poor thing using the extra-long fingers to dig for insects.
  • Still if humans had these we’d probably only use them for digging out snot when waiting at a red light….Oh c’mon you all do it.

12 – The Longisquama,


  • Take one small gecko like reptile, slam 7 feathers in its back and you essentially have this prehistoric creature.
  • Living in the Triassic period, the reptile had the unfortunate luck to be a small guy in a big guy’s world meaning it was prone to being eaten and that may have had something to do with the giant feather like appendages on its back consistently acting like a MacDonald’s sign to larger predators.
  • Though researchers aren’t 100% sure these were feathers it looks more likely especially seeing how many creatures seem to have random feathers everywhere the further we get down this list.

11 – The Pterodaustro,


  • Plankton better watch out because there is a new giant pink bird on the scene to make you say what the holy fuck is that thing.
  • This Pelican-Flamingo beast would wade in swallow waters using a process of filter feeding to find its next meal of delicious prehistoric plankton. All while looking great in its pink paint job.
  • The peak is probably its oddest part though, with its odd teeth like features it always looks like it’s giving you a lovely wide smile, because a smiling flamingo is not absolutely terrifying at all. Thanks evolution.


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