15 Strangest Things Sent Via Mail


From giant armoured animals to human beings packaged, stamped and shipped off across the world, we count 15 of the most bizarre things that’ve ever turned up in regular postage

15 – Severed Ear,


  • Jared Leto the famous actor once had a fan send him their severed ear for what is believed to be absolutely no reason
  • The ear was sent anonymously with only a small note that read, “are you listening?” which he proved by posting a photo of the ear to his instagram account
  • Jared then strung up the ear and now wears it as a necklace, because if someone goes to the effort of carving off their own ear Van Gogh-style, this is merely the polite thing to do
  • Though some believe it to be a fake ear sent as a prank

14 – Piece of Titanic,


  • Over 90 tons of the famed unsinkable ship was sent via FedEx from Milan, Italy all the way to Atlanta, Georgia
  • They did it for the “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” showcasing bits and pieces of the Titanic wreckage in a public museum, often travelling all over the world to do so
  • Included in this giant FedEx delivery was a 3000 pound piece of the ship’s hull, along with Leonardo DiCaprio’s resume found washed ashore

13 – Single Brick,

Simons Brick (1)

  • This is something you can send to anyone, right now, and it’s perfectly legal – if you ask the post office to send it, they’re legally obliged to do so
  • In some parts you don’t even need to package it, just slap on a label, a stamp and hand it in at the local post office
  • They might look at you funny, but just tell them you’re building a house – very, very slowly

12 – Chameleon,


  • It was December of 1954 when a man named David from Ohio decided to mail his pet chameleon through to Orlando, Florida
  • Despite his hopes, the post office has a strict policy on live reptiles and this particular chameleon bore no exception
  • David received a note from the postmaster which read: “Dear David, I received your chameleon yesterday and he was immediately released on the post office grounds. Best wishes for a merry Christmas!”

11 – Unmanned Aircraft Drone,

Iraqi Freedom

  • By itself it’s not too strange, but when you consider the drone worth $350,000 was sent to the wrong person alongside a weightlifting bench, it gets a bit crazy
  • The man who received the drone took photos and posted them to reddit, where they went viral until the mystery of this misdelivered drone became a bit clearer
  • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration left a note informing him it was federal property and the return address


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