15 Surreal and Otherworldly Places On Earth


From abandoned train tunnels of love, to caves full of killer luminescent worms, we count 15 of the wildest and strangely gorgeous places you’ll find in our little blue world.

15 – Lake Natron


  • This one is located in Tanzania – a lake giving off such a vivid hue due to its high evaporation rates
  • In the dry season, the water evaporates more than usual and salinity levels increase to the maximum possible point, during which micro-organisms that thrive on salt begin to appear
  • Most of them produce a red pigment, cover the lake’s surface and gives off the impression of a glass-covered surface of Mars

14 – Fly Geyser


  • A lot of folks who live in Nevada don’t know about this one, and for good reason since it’s located on a private Fly ranch, protected by high fences and spiky locked gates
  • This one was partly created by accident, but still in a natural way – well drilling had ceased there for a long time and warm geothermal water happened to find a weak spot, leading to spillage on the surface
  • Dissolved minerals began sculpting the landscape into this gorgeous site, with the variety of minerals offering a wide variety of pigments

13 – Tunnel of Love


  • This one is located in Ukraine, an abandoned train rail section, but today trees and fronds grow freely over the tracks
  • Curiously enough though trains continued to run through the forest of leaves to reach the Kleven village, and the train forged a tunnel of leaves according to its size
  • Now, people tend to roam the tracks arm-in-arm with their partner – a true tunnel of love

12 – Giant’s Causeway


  • Northern Ireland, nestled next to the Atlantic Ocean we find a bizarre array of over 40,000 geometric columns with six sides in a honeycomb-like pattern
  • Course, these weren’t always around – it took 60 million years for cooled magma erosion for these to appear, and you could only start to see them around 15,000 years ago
  • Today, they’re a hotspot for tourist activity

11 – Socotra


  • Located in Yemen, it’s considered one of the most unique archipelagos in the Indian Ocean purely for the diversity of flora and fauna
  • Here you can see an example of the alien-type plants that grow, mostly as a result of the island’s isolation from the rest of the land along with the intense, constant heat and drought
  • This here is known as the dragon’s blood tree, like a giant mushroom made of leaves and bark – Aboriginals gave it the name of dragon’s blood due to its red sap


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