15 Terrible Road Signs


From road signs built specifically to call you a loser, to streets with the worst name ever imaginable we count 15 whacked out and crazy-bad messages you will encounter on the wide open road

15 – Santa Cruz Beach,


  • This is a sign from California, in which you can’t drink, smoke, take a pet, drive a car, light a fire, dive or launch a boat
  • All you can do is stand perfectly still, feel the sand and enjoy what little fun you can manage to carve out of the experience
  • Don’t have too much fun though, or you might come back a few weeks later to find another white and blue square printed with the words “no good times”

14 – School Zone,


  • Sometimes you forget to slow down during school hours in the morning and afternoon, but this particular street is so obsessed with allotting specific speed restriction times that it’s turned into a goddamn bus timetable
  • And it’s not just for one school – but for three, all over Oakland County
  • They claim it’s only there because they don’t want to pay for electrical flashers, but a more likely explanation is that they outsourced the schedule production to infants from pre-school

13 – Good Luck,


  • It’s one thing to produce an indecipherable hieroglyph of a traffic sign, it’s another to wish would-be motorists a bit of good fortune on their mission of suicide
  • Not to mention the speed limit is remarkably generous given the sharp and noodly turns which for no apparent reason sees one turn-off immediately merge into an earlier turn-off
  • It’s possible the original creator didn’t realise what their message meant, but it’s equally possible that they’re a douchebag

12 – Drink Drive,


  • We have a saying in Australia – if you drink, then drive, you’re a bloody idiot
  • This here sign doesn’t beat around the bush, drink drive, you’re a loser, perhaps because they ran out of room on the sign, even though there’s clearly enough space to effectively double the message, add in commas and additional words – but no, you’re a loser
  • That’ll deter would-be drink n’ drivers out in an open field with no trees or obstacles around

11 – Bridge Sign,


  • This one actually isn’t so terrible – a way to stop truck drivers from ramming their several ton vehicles into a bridge
  • On the downside though, who’s to say it won’t scrape the top of the truck, only for the driver to turn around and say, I’ll be fine, then crash, splat, game over
  • Well done, sign – well done


  • Wat (41%)
  • Epic (24%)
  • No (22%)
  • Creepy (8%)
  • Lewd (5%)

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