15 Things You Didn’t Know About Skyfall


From swearing 70 year olds to Daniel Craig’s cursed genitals, we take a look at some of the least known facts behind 2012’s Skyfall

15 – James Bond: Home Invader,


  • While 007 is a master at infiltrating secret bases you wouldn’t expect him to break into your home
  • However twice now Bond has broken into his Boss, M’s home.
  • The first was in Craig’s debut film ‘Casino Royale’ where he is quite sternly warned never to do it again and when Judi Dench warns you not to do something it best to stick to it.
  • But in ‘Skyfall’ Bond returns to his break and enter ways just so he can surprise her…with the fact that he is back from the dead. He’s lucky she didn’t think it was the zombie apocalypse and shoot him in the head.

14- Product placement,



  • It’s no secret that Bond films have been using insane amount of product placement for years now.
  • Aston Martin cars, Omega watches, Smirnoff Vodka – All the things needed for a superspy
  • However on Skyfall Coca-Cola was apparently used not as a drink of choice but as traction enhancement for motorbikes.
  • Large amounts of the soda were sprayed on streets in Turkey for the opening motorcycle chase sequences as it decreases the likelihood of the bike slipping out of control.
  • It’s not clear if Pepsi would also work in the same way

13 – Contract to Kill,

Daniel Craig


  • In an interview with ‘Rolling Stone’, Craig admitted that he’d been trying to get out of the franchise since he signed up.
  • Craig said he was hoping that ‘Skyfall’ would be his last Bond film.
  • Remarkably though Craig signed a contract for a further two more films taking him through the upcoming ‘Spectre’ and its follow up.
  • Which means admirers can rest easy with at least 3 more years of Craig’s glorious abs on screen.

12 – McCallister, Kevin McCallister, *spoilers*


  • At the end of the film Bond has to defend his ancestral home from attack, with almost no guns 007 has no choice but to booby trap the house to defeat the invaders.
  • Now this tactic might remind you of someone, that’s right Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister.
  • It’s reported both the crew and director would make comparisons with the 90’s family film on set.
  • Not only that but two of the sound crew also had worked on ‘Home Alone’ however their opinion on who was the more deadly trapper never came to light.

11- The men with the Golden statue,


  • Javier Bradem’s casting as Roul Silva makes him only the second acdemy award winning actor to play a Bond villain.
  • The other? The one and only Christopher Walken in ‘A View to a Kill’.
  • The film wasn’t the biggest hit, it is notable for having both the creepiest and most hilarious villain in the series history.
  • This mainly due to Walken’s often unsettling and hilarious speech structure.


  • Epic (50%)
  • Creepy (17%)
  • Lewd (11%)
  • Wat (11%)
  • No (11%)