15 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Own Body


From why we get a runny nose to bacteria inside us outnumbering cells, we count 15 facts about our own bodies we never even knew

15 – Taller,


  • Did you know that we actually change height based on the time of day? On average, you’re one inch taller when you wake up in the morning
  • When you sleep, excess fluids build up inside your spinal discs, and the stress of standing in a day causes the fluid to seep out – making you lose height
  • If you measure yourself first thing in the morning and again at night, you should see a small but visible difference

14 – Human bone,


  • When it comes to bones in our body, our bones might snap easily enough but when it comes to supporting weight, we’re almost uncontested
  • Just one tiny matchbox sized piece of bone can support over 9 tonnes of weight, with that ability increased when you factor in the actual size of our bones
  • To put it into perspective, concrete can’t even support 4 times less weight than bones without crumbling

13 – Tickling,


  • Have you ever tried tickling yourself? Doesn’t really work, does it? The reason for this is your brain actually anticipates the sensation
  • It discards expected ones and alerts you to unexpected ones, hence why you might have such a strong reaction to someone else tickling you
  • It’s the same thing that helps dull the feeling from your fingertips – unless you’re actively thinking about it or touching something strange

12 – Brain,

brain (1)

  • While some people feel you get smarter as you get older, the reality is you’re actually losing your intelligence as you age
  • Every single day, you’re losing more than 1,000 brain cells since your brain is working continuously even when you’re sleeping or watching daytime TV
  • When you wake up, your brain is in crunch time, working hard to replenish your daytime functions to peak efficiency

11 – Nostril Breathing,


  • You might never think about it, but breathing through your nose is actually quite complex – and the effects are intense
  • 85% of people only breathe through one nostril at a time, the other nostril gets subconsciously blocked by tissue swelling, which you might’ve noticed when you can’t unclog one nostril even though there’s nothing in there
  • And depending on which nostril you breathe through, it affects your brain – breathing through the right nostril activates the logical side of your brain, whereas the left makes you more creative


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  1. Most of these facts really shocked me x I don’t know much about the body x I try to fill up on facts from youtube but it usually ends up in me watching funny cat videos x

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