15 Trailers Better Than The Movie


From insane genre mash-ups to equally as insane celebrity vanity projects, we look at 15 trailers better than the movie

15 – The Monuments Men,


  • Monuments Men is an interesting example of what to do when you have a film that can’t decide what it wants to be. The answer of course is to just decide yourself even if that means the trailer is totally different from the finished product.
  • The trailer pitches a fun “Dirty Dozen” style action comedy about the real life attempts of allied groups to save crucial cultural European artefacts like Napoleon’s underwear. Not really but it might as well be because according to the trailer this is a light fun film about war.
  • Turns out no, it’s not. It’s a confused film about war, like they wanted to make a comedy then went oh wait….it’s a war we can’t make too many jokes lets have some dark introspection thrown in so everyone knows war is bad.
  • Ultimately it’s a muddled film that can’t decide what it wants to be but hey at least the trailer did.

14 – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,


  • Here’s another film that struggled to get the tone right between being a serious story about a man finding himself or a comedy about a man having crazy fantasies.
  • The trailer is a visually stunning mix of the two. The balance between drama and comedy works fantastically and it looks to be a captivating movie about Walter Mitty’s secret life.
  • That’s not what we really got though, again another film that can’t really decide what it’s going to be, while not terrible by any means it never lives up to the film we got advertised to us months earlier.

13 – Cowboys and aliens,


  • This one is the first of many comic book films on our list.
  • Cowboys and Aliens sold its rights be a film before the comic had even been published, based on the fact that the name had huge advertising potential. And it sorta did.
  • While there was a lot of debate over how the ridiculous the title was initially it was silenced with the release of the first trailer.
  • We got see a pretty awesome set up that was tense and exactly what we wanted, cowboys and aliens so everything seemed to being riding along okay.
  • Then the film came out and while not awful the novelty had worn off. While the trailer was memorable and exciting the film just didn’t have the same quality and was quickly forgotten.

12 – The Counselor,


  • This is one you may not be too familiar with. It divided critics on release and flew pretty much under the radar in 2013.
  • The trailer though is a nice, tight and exciting experience that promises a story of heists and double crosses. The trailer does everything it can to get you to see this film and it works well.
  • And while technically the film does deliver on this it just never quite feels right, its biggest criticism is that it feels too much like a book and packs too much into too little screen time making a confusing mess.
  • While the trailer is also a confusing mess it feels right, like we are going to get answers when we see the film but it only really raised more questions. Not Ridley Scott’s worst film but is definitely an acquired taste

11 – Man of Steel,


  • With a mixture of moody cinematography and Russell Crowe’s moody voice over and uplifting music. Everything looked interesting and dramatic without being too over the top for a comic book adaptation. Everything was looking pretty good for Zack Snyder’s vision.
  • By now most people know that Man of Steel is a divisive film. Its depiction of Superman was the main issue with a lot of the key character traits from the comics omitted or changed. While this is not a bad thing and can be good in some cases the overall criticism was that it didn’t feel like a Superman film.
  • The trailer though gives us insight to what the film could have been, inspiring and uplifting over how we can better ourselves as a people instead of one that inspired people to argue online for all eternity about how many people died in those smashed up buildings.


  • Wat (33%)
  • Epic (28%)
  • Creepy (17%)
  • Lewd (11%)
  • No (11%)