15 Unbelievable Product Names That Really Exist


From Soup for Sluts to ­­­­­­Homo Sausage, we count fifteen unbelievable product names that really exist!

15 – Noblice,


  • If someone asks you if you want any of their Noblice, you should run straight towards the nearest exit – unless they’re referring to this Serbian cream biscuit!
  • While the name Noblice probably means something lovely in its native Serbian, it’s hard to get past that in English it basically means pubic lice.

14 – Soup For Sluts,


  • Focus testing has revealed a gap in the soup-buying market: the promiscuous! To fix this, soup company Blue Q have released a brand of spicy vegetable soup called Soup For Sluts.
  • There’s also the spicy beef flavour (Wasted & Broke), chicken flavour (Hello Lazy) and the Din Din Fuk Chow shrimp flavour.

13 – Spermies,


  • Spermies are a novelty candy for the whole family! Well, they’re probably not for children… And I wouldn’t get them for Grandma, or your oral sex-hating ex-wife.
  • But anyone else will have hours of fun! They have ‘no added salt’, and their brilliant tagline says they’re the candy you’ll love to swallow. So open wide!

12 – Fart and Plopp Bar,


  • Fart Bar is a Polish chocolate bar that’s name literally means ‘lucky bar’.
  • No one is sure whether they induce farting or if they were made from distilled farts. Either way, don’t eat these in confined spaces, like buses or elevators.
  • If Fart Bars aren’t your thing, try this Number Two choice: Sweden’s Plopp Bar!

11 – Faggotini,


  • Urban Dictionary defines ‘faggotini’ as ‘a person who is “beyond gay”, or “very effeminate”’. Webster’s Dictionary … has no definition.
  • Jokes aside, Splendido’s Faggotini is a variation on ravioli. So if you’re a pasta fan, boil some water, bust out the white sauce and get some delicious faggotini into you!


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