15 Unexplained Disappearances


From Bermuda triangles to Stonehenge lightning bolts, we uncover 15 of the most mysterious, strangest disappearances ever to get extraterrestrial and speculation enthusiasts riled up.

15 – Harold Holt


  • 1967, Victoria, Australia, former Prime Minister Harold Holt an accomplished swimmer went for a dip at Cheviot Beach near Portsea
  • The 59 year old was never seen again
  • Speculation ranged from a fake of his own death to get away from his mistress, to abduction in a Chinese Submarine, to abduction by aliens
  • But in 2005 it was officially ruled by a coroner that the cause of death was accidental drowning, which is a conclusion that doesn’t require a whiteboard and 2 hours to explain

14 – The Bennington Triangle


  • The 1950s, a town in Vermont called Bennington, people disappear in large triangle formation across the area
  • At least 9 disappearances all within 5 years of each other
  • Mr Tedford was sleeping on a crowded bus, 14 other passengers, but when it reached its destination, he was gone though his luggage and timetable remained
  • An 8 year old boy disappears from a farm, even though the mother was metres away tending to animals
  • Click here for a full list of other disappearances.

13 – The Lost Eskimo Village


  • 1930, a local fur trapper near Lake Anjikuni in Canada frequents a small village in the snow
  • But one day he visits the town only to discover everyone is missing with a number of sled dog corpses strewn here and there
  • The story goes that it was as if every human soul had vanished on the spot, and even one of the graves had been emptied – leading some to speculate aliens had been involved
  • It’s turned into an urban legend, and some have dubbed the town “Roswell North”

12 – Azaria Chamberlain


  • 1980, one you should already be familiar with if you’ve heard the phrase “The dingo took my baby”
  • For the longest time it was believed the mother, Lindy Chamberlain, had killed the baby for personal reasons and blamed a dingo
  • She spent 3 years in prison before a piece of the baby’s clothing was found in a dingo’s lair
  • And in 2012, it was officially recognised that a dingo really had eaten the baby, and a death certificate was printed

11 – Raoul Wallenberg


  • The man that disappeared was a hero in Sweden – a diplomat that single-handedly saved 20,000 Hungarian jews during the Holocaust
  • He was last seen arrested on espionage charges in Budapest after the Soviet Army showed up, round about 1947
  • It’s believed he may have been executed by the Russians but no evidence ever turned up, and people have spoken of his survival in Soviet prisons as recent as the 1980s, though he must be dead by now


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