15 Weird and Wonderful Beaches


From unnaturally coloured sand to a spot where cows and humans frolic in harmony, we count fifteen of the world’s weirdest beaches!

15 – Hyams Beach,


  • Australia is renowned for its many pristine beaches, but it’s Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay that boasts an official entry in the Guinness Book of Records entry for the whitest sand in the world.
  • Visitors to the beach say it’s like getting snow in summertime – a rarity in the southern hemisphere.
  • Hyams faces east and runs perpendicular with, err, Point Perpendicular. It’s quiet and receives minimal swell, making it a safe spot for families.
  • Hyams also boasts snorkelling in its clear blue waters. It appeals to surfers, anglers, divers, walkers, nature-lovers and white-sand fanatics.

14 – Gulpiyuri Beach,


  • Gulpiyuri Beach is a flooded sinkhole within an inland beach located near Llanes in the northern coast of Spain.
  • This small, shell-shaped beach has a length of around 40 metres and is located in the middle of a meadow.
  • Gulpiyuri Beach is a miracle of nature that features a golden stretch of sand and crystal-clear, fully tidal waters. A series of underground tunnels carved by the salt water of the Cantabrian Sea allows water from the Bay of Biscay to create small waves.
  • This well-hidden beach is a popular tourist destination and part of Spain’s Network of Protected Natural Areas.

13 – Vik Beach,


  • Vik Beach is a stunning black sand and pebble beach near Iceland’s rainy, southernmost point. You wouldn’t want to go sunbathing there, but you might enjoy a spot of sightseeing at Katla Volcano, which neighbours the beach.
  • Volcanic activity is common in Iceland and Vik Beach’s black sand is believed to have been caused by hot lava which has flowed into the frigid ocean.
  • Vik Beach was nominated one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth in 1991. It features stunning rugged landscape, strange rock formations and its jet black sand contrasts the foamy white waves. The area is also home to a large population of puffins.

12 – Hot Water Beach,


  • New Zealand’s Hot Water Beach is so-called because of its incredible underground hot springs, which filter up through the sand, creating natural Jacuzzis.
  • Hot Water Beach is a part of Coromandel Peninsula and is found just a short distance from Whitianga.
  • The beach is a huge tourist magnet, and visitors can rent spades and buckets to dig their own personal hot tub. The naturally heated mineral water bubbles up from deep down below and can sometimes reach temperatures as hot as 64 degrees Celsius.
  • With the ebb and flow of the tide, all pools are completely washed away, creating a fresh canvas for the next group of spa-seekers.

11 – Genipabu Beach,


  • Genipabu Beach, located in Natal, Brazil, is famous for its monstrously large sand dunes.
  • Standing amidst giant sandy ridges, travellers would be forgiven for thinking they’re in the middle of a desert – or even Star Wars’ Tatooine. Fortunately, the Atlantic Ocean is just minutes away.
  • Thrillseekers can explore the dunes in several ways. They can climb aboard a buggy for a roller coaster–style adventure, lope about Lawrence of Arabia-style on the back of a camel, or carve it up with a spot of sandboarding.
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