15 Weird Things Found on Google Earth


From peculiar-shaped landmarks to ­­­­­­people doing nasty things in the street, we count fifteen weird and interesting things picked up by Google lenses!

15 – Big Red Lips in Desert,


  • Pucker up! This Google Earth satellite image of the Sudanese wilderness shows two of the most kissable desert lips you’ll ever see.
  • Even Angelina Jolie’s lips have nothing on this kilometre-wide canyon in West Darfur. It’s proof that Mother Nature still oozes sex appeal.

14 – Guitar-Shaped Forest,


  • This is an aerial shot of Argentina’s ‘Pampas’, a fertile agricultural forest region in the shape of a guitar.
  • The garden is made up of over 7,000 cypress and eucalyptus trees and was planted by farmer Pedro Martin Ureta and his four children in memory of his deceased wife.
  • His wife died unexpectedly in 1977 after suffering a cerebral aneurysm during her fifth pregnancy. The guitar was her favourite instrument.

13 – Kids Attacking Gumby,


  • Gumby is everyone’s favourite friendly green stop-motion humanoid. He’s entertained generations of young people and, with his trusty horse sidekick Pokey, is loved by millions.
  • So who would possibly want to hurt him? Punk kids, that’s who! This Street View shot shows Gumby cowering in fear while two pre-teen savages throw abuse and, err, pelt him with sandals?
  • They would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for that damn Google and its all-seeing eyes.

12 – Mystery Gunman,


  • It’s unclear where this image was taken, but it doesn’t look like it would’ve ended well for the poor guy in the Google car.
  • Here a man is walking towards the camera clutching what looks to be a handgun. It kind of looks like a scene from Die Hard.
  • While we don’t know the story here it sure looks anger is his favourite emotion. Yippee-ki-yay!

11 – Blood Lake,


  • This rather disturbing Google Earth image shows a blood-red lake situated just outside Iraq’s Sadr City.
  • Is there murderers go to dump the bodies of their victims? Nobody knows. The creepy thing about this lake is that there’s currently no official explanation for its abnormal colouring.
  • If you’re planning a future holiday to Iraq, maybe leave your swimwear at home or you’ll be seeing red.

10 – Detroit Gang,


  • Gangs looking for worldwide exposure couldn’t do much better than getting themselves on Google Maps. That’s what happened when these Detroit-based gunslingers assembled on their porch when the car came a calling.
  • As you can see, one of the guys here points his semi-automatic weapon at the Google van as if issuing a warning. Everyone’s always picking on Google.
  • Disturbingly, a seventeen-month-old baby was discovered dead on this street just a few weeks earlier…

9 – Unexplained Fire,


  • A picture tells a thousand words, but this one seems to tell a 3,000-word vehicle insurance claim.
  • This image, captured in Toronto, Canada, shows a flaming van and a mysterious shirtless guy who’s come to investigate.
  • I wonder if the Google car stopped to assist or if it kept on driving? ‘Google Maps waits for no one!’

8 – Phantom Island,


  • In 2012, Australian researchers ‘lost’ an island the size of Manhattan in the South Pacific. This mysterious place, called Sandy Island, has popped up on many maps and is situated northwest of New Caledonia.
  • On Google Earth it appeared as a black polygon, but when scientists sailed there in late 2012 they found open water instead of solid ground.
  • An obituary for the island was published in April 2013. Researchers believe the phantom landmass had been mistakenly included on maps for more than a century thanks to human error.


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