15 Weird Ways People Have Died


From drowning at a pool party full of lifeguards to fatally tripping on your own beard, we count fifteen strange ways people have died!

15 – The London Beer Flood,


  • Beer lovers might look at this and go ‘Hell yeah! That’s how I want to go!’ On paper, it’s a bit like Futurama’s ‘Death by Snu Snu’, but the reality was actually pretty horrifying.
  • The London Beer Flood occurred in 1814 when a giant vat at a brewery burst. It had a domino effect, rupturing all the surrounding vats and causing over 323,000 imperial gallons of beer to gush into the streets.
  • The beer tsunami filled basements, destroyed homes and crumbled a local pub, trapping an employee inside.
  • Eight people died in the disaster, which, incredibly, was ruled an act of God.

14 – Death by Bookcase,


  • When Mariesa Weber was reported missing by her family no one thought she’d turn up eleven days later behind a bookcase.
  • Fearing she’d been kidnapped, Weber’s sister went to investigate a strange smell coming from Mariesa’s bedroom. She checked behind the bookcase and discovered a woman’s foot. Her flashlight revealed Weber was wedged upside-down behind the unit.
  • This wasn’t some marathon game of hide and seek that went wrong; family members suspect she slipped and fell trying to adjust a television plug behind the bookshelf. She would’ve been unable to breathe in the position she was in.

13 – Drowning at a Life Guard’s Pool Party,


  • In 1985, New Orleans lifeguards threw a rockin’ pool party to celebrate their first drowning-free season.
  • The party was a resounding success – until a thirty-one-year-old non-lifeguard guest was found dead at the bottom of the recreation department’s pool.
  • There were four lifeguards on duty at the party, and more than half of the two hundred attendees were lifeguards themselves, but – somehow – no one was able to save Jerome Moody.

12 – Death by Sheep,


  • In 1999, a sixty-seven-year-old woman in Durham, England, carried a bale of hay to the back of her motorcycle to feed her flock of sheep.
  • Unfortunately, the hungry sheep flunked bovine university, so never learned patience. They charged the bike and Betty Stobbs was knocked into a deep ravine.
  • Incredibly, Stobbs survived the fall, but quickly died a Final Destination-style death when her bike landed on top of her.

11 – Death by Garbage,


  • Two compulsive hoarders, Homer and Langley Collyer, were found dead in their New York City home when the mountain of possessions they’d accumulated collapsed, trapping them.
  • The brothers had spent decades obsessively collecting newspapers and other junk items, and even set up elaborate booby-traps. I guess they feared intruders might break in and steal their world-renowned bottle cap collection.
  • The cave-in trapped Homer, leaving Langley to crawl through tunnels of newspapers to bring his paralysed brother food. During one of these runs, Langley set off one of his own traps, and Homer was left to die of starvation.
  • When police entered, they found Homer’s deceased body. It took another two weeks to remove nearly a hundred tonnes of garbage from the house. Only then did workers find Langley’s decomposed, rat-chewed body just ten feet from where they’d found his brother.


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