15 Worst Business Decisions Ever


From corporate marketing wars that fail to compromising on liquor ingredients and paying the price, we count 15 times companies have been awful decisions for greed, ignorance or desperation.

15 – Star Wars,


  • It was 1977, Star Wars hadn’t even released when 20th Century Fox did the dumbest thing ever – they handed all merchandising rights to George Lucas
  • In return all they got was a measly $20,000 dollars, but George became the head of a 3 billion dollar plus company with reach all over the globe, its profits continuing to grow with each passing day
  • Fox had absolutely no idea what Star Wars would become, and for this blunder they missed out on claiming one of the biggest media franchise trademarks ever

14 – Cosby Show,


  • Before The Cosby Show passed into the hands of NBC, becoming a huge hit right from the first season, ABC passed on their chance to get a slice of the pie
  • Cosby made a pitch to ABC for the show, but they wouldn’t offer him a commitment without a script or pilot ready, so he turned to NBC where it catapulted from third on the Nielson ratings to 1st for 5 more entire seasons
  • It went on to become the biggest hit of the 180s and almost single-handedly revived the sitcom genre

13 – E.T,


  • 1981, the blockbuster hit E.T the Extra Terrestrial – Steven Spielberg approached Mars the confectionary company to feature M&Ms as a small plot device in the film
  • The chief executives at Mars declined outright and the producers behind E.T were forced to go with their second choice: Hershey and their Reese’s Pieces
  • When the film was released, Reese’s Pieces were having dire sales but then E.T came along and sales of the candy triples with re-orders coming in as many as 10 times a day for over two weeks
  • Mars, pissed at the missed opportunity, heavily implied they’d never even received an offer

12 – Kodak,


  • We’re in the age of rapidly advancing technology with the first digital cameras only appearing in the early 90s
  • But 15 years earlier in 1975, Kodak made the world’s first ever digital camera with a patent ready for mass-production – but they did nothing, and so let their competitors invent it first
  • The reason? They didn’t want to destroy the film industry and subsequently end their own company, but had they produced this revolution for mass market, you might’ve ended up with a Kodak brand smartphone
  • Instead, they went bankrupt in 2012 and fell into obscurity

11 – Schlitz Beer,


  • Back in the 70s, Shlitz was one of the biggest beer manufacturing companies in all of America only behind Budweiser
  • Then they made a fatal decision – to cheap the ingredients in order to produce beer faster, which, for a while, worked quite well
  • But then people began to notice that the beer would form floaties in the bottom which congealed into a thick mucus – and Shiltz didn’t recall them, even after realising
  • Eventually they had to cave in, but not after 10 million cans had been shipped, crippling their finances and ending their juggernaut company not even 10 years later


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