15 Worst Comic Book Supervillains Ever


From villains that can melt into confectionery, to vigilantes whose only crime is that they’re obese, we count 15 horribly awful comic book villains ever to find their way onto printed pages.

15 – Codpiece


  • This supervillain’s powers come from a misunderstanding he had with a girl – she calls him short which he immediately assumes is a reference to his tiny wang
  • So, naturally, he goes out and builds a giant pair of rocket cannon underpants, with a spring-loaded boxing glove and a huge drill
  • He was inevitably defeated by the transsexual superhero Coagula, and if that doesn’t scream social justice then I have absolutely no idea what does

14 – Walrus


  • A man who claims to have all the mighty strength of a walrus – unfortunately though, since those animals are typically slower and weaker than a human, he’s saying he’s not that great
  • Likewise, instead of breaking into banks or taking over the world, Walrus likes to attack inanimate objects like walls and lampposts
  • In one comic issue, Spider-Man flicks Walrus with his index finger once, and it knocks him unconscious

13 – Asbestos Lady


  • This is a criminal that dons fireproof clothing lined with asbestos to ward off fires – she’ll carry around a flame-thrower and light everything ablaze, then walk out unharmed, well, as unharmed as you might be wearing a suit lined with ASBESTOS
  • She actually constructed asbestos bullets to attack her long-time adversary the Human Torch
  • But in the 90s, she contracted cancer because, heh, ASBESTOS

12 – Eye Scream


  • So, you know those times when you’re writing a comic book, you need a superpower so you look around the kitchen and you realise, gee, I wonder what it would be like to turn into an ice-cream
  • Well, meet Eye Scream the man who can melt his body down into an ice-cream substance to slip under doors and feed small children
  • Unbelievably, his saga only lasted one comic – how could THAT happen?

11 – Sportsmaster


  • A man named Lawrence Crock who uses sport-themed weapons like exploding baseballs, flying bases, rocket baseball bats, knockout basketballs, lacrosse snare nets and exploding hockey pucks
  • He also wears sports clothes because apparently his obsession with sports wasn’t already obvious
  • This is his power, this is what he does – that’s like my throwing exploding modems because I work on the internet


  • Wat (57%)
  • No (14%)
  • Creepy (11%)
  • Lewd (9%)
  • Epic (9%)