15 Worst Jobs Ever


From employees hired to steal dead bodies to people hired to farm digital currency for almost no income themselves we count 15 of some of the most horrible occupations ever seen throughout history.

15 – Vomit Collector,


  • A slave to the Roman Empire who was forced to hang around dining room tables waiting for vomit to hit the floor so he can crawl around on all fours and clean it up
  • It was actually a common occupation since the emperor and his guests would voluntarily vomit to make room for more food
  • In fact, Julius Caesar avoided an assassination attempt by feigning interest in visiting the toilet, only to return to his room to blow chunks – which, of course, would need to be cleaned up by a certain slave

14 – Fuller,


  • A job in which sheep are sheared, their wool carded, spun and then woven – basically, cleanse and thicken woollen cloth
  • This wasn’t so bad except they needed alkaline to cleanse the wool and it was expensive, so they turned to stale urine instead – gallons of urine taken from farms and private houses, only for the poor wool cleaner to trod through urine for over 7 hours a day, up to their knees in stale human urine
  • Not something you’d want to print on your resume

13 – Sin-Eater,


  • Pretty much a terrible job no matter which way you spin it, the sin-eater was a 19th century outcast who nobody cared about, essentially a homeless person paid to absorb the sins of other people
  • They did this by waiting for a person to die, pass food over the corpse, then have the sin-eater eat the food and thereby absorb the sins – in return they were given scraps of money
  • The sin-eaters give up any chance of a decent afterlife, are shunned by society and usually starving to death anyway – but hey, first world problems, am I right?

12 – Gold Farmer,


  • A Chinese job started around 2007 in the massively multiplayer online role playing game World of Warcraft, in which your job is to amass virtual currency called gold
  • The gold is sold to other players in exchange for real money, but to farm the gold is basically slave labour – work in 12 hour shifts for the world’s most measly pay: 30 cents per hour
  • That’s $3.60 per day, so you’ve already paid off your monthly Warcraft subscription in 5 days
  • What a deal

11 – Knocker-Up,


  • This one has nothing to do with impregnating people, which is a shame because then the occupation would actually mean something
  • Instead, the knocker-up goes around tapping on your window with some bamboo in order to wake you up in time for work
  • In fact, he won’t STOP tapping until you tell him to go away, but only if you give him a little bit of money – so, you’re employing someone to bother you
  • But at least he isn’t trying to sell you something


  • No (28%)
  • Lewd (23%)
  • Wat (23%)
  • Creepy (15%)
  • Epic (13%)

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