15 Worst Punishments Ever Given by a Parent

  • From selling your children’s concert tickets to sending your children away to packing your kid dog poop for lunch we look at 15 worst punishments ever given by a parent.

15 – Embarrassing Signs,


  • The new form of spanking is publically humiliating your kids into being little angels with this new popular punishment.
  • It seems like every day there’s a new image of a child holding up a sign saying “I got bad grades” or “I hit my sister” or “I walked in on mommy and daddy in the bedroom”. Okay maybe not that one but still it’s at epidemic levels.
  • But is it really worth giving your child a repressed shame complex because little Billy didn’t get that A on his history test. Well if Facebook is anything to go by then yes fuck you little Billy and prepare to be shamed.

14 – Forcing hot sauce in your mouth,


  • Well this is one that would have your children begging for the old soap-in-the-mouth punishment, if just to get rid of the hot sauce in their face hole.
  • This near abusive punishment was highlighted on old episode of everyone’s favourite fake TV psych Dr. Phil which showed the mother punishing the child for lying by burning away his tastebuds and then forcing him to take cold shower, all because he lied over fighting about pencils or something.
  • Still could have been worse for the little tyke, his mother could have filled his mouth up with mayonnaise or vegemite. Or both. Excuse me I need to vomit.

13 – Hacking your Facebook,


  • Another in the long line of psychologically scarring your kid so they can learn what’s good for them I tell you what.
  • This cyber age punishment involves hacking your child’s profile and changing all their images to let everyone know they are currently being banned from Facebook and to contact the mother to know why. Turns out the 13 year old was guilty of “disrespecting” her mother while her friends were around. The horror.
  • The humiliating change involved placing red x’s over the girl’s mouth in all he pictures to symbolise that she “Can’t keep her mouth shut”. I’m sure such public punishment caused no bullying from friends later on because kids are great at ignoring stuff that happens on the internet.

12 – Sell their One Direction Tickets,


  • Well when you find your young girls hanging out at older men’s houses then there is only one course of action to make sure it never happens again.
  • This one was pretty public after the odd listing popped up on EBay detailing the sordid story of how the kids had sleep overs with older men so you better believe they can’t be trusted in the pure sexual energy of a One Direction concert.
  • That’ll show those damn kids not to mess around or it will just make them into angry teenagers who will have more “sleepovers” with older men to get back at their parents.

11 – Have your Dad’s face on your shirt,


  • Want to be a hot new trend setter in fashion? Well you too can have your Dad’s angry face on your shirt for the low price of breaking the rules.
  • This one you might have seen floating around the reddit wastelands when a dad decided that the perfect punishment for his daughter breaking curfew was to pull a mean face and get it printed on her new uniform for school.
  • I’m guessing he was attempting to scare the boys away from his child with his scowling face over the words try me but I’m pretty sure most people would have thought this guy was a clown…or maybe they would want a shirt with his face on it too. I’ve got one.


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