15 Worst Teachers Ever


From a teacher who taped a student’s mouth shut to a sicko who fed his pupils sperm cookies, we count the fifteen worst educators on Earth!

15 – Teacher Mocks Student on Facebook,


  • A Chicago elementary school teacher took humiliating photos of a seven-year-old student’s hairstyle to post on Facebook.
  • Ukailya Lofton showed up on school photo day with Jolly Rancher candies tied to her braids. Her teacher asked her to pose for a photo, saying, ‘My husband’s not going to believe this.’
  • Online, the photos received mocking comments like: ‘I laughed so hard my contact popped out’ and ‘If you’re going to make your child look ridiculous the least you could do is make them matching.’
  • Another parent saw the post and notified Ukailya’s mother, who promptly sued. Ukailya, who loves dressing up, was distraught to learn she was the subject of ridicule. She’d been very excited to show off her dope candy braids.

14 – Teacher Singles out Deaf Student,


  • A deaf Reddit user recounted how his sadistic third-grade teacher removed his two hearing aids and forced him to sit alone in the hallway.
  • The punishment occurred several times in 1988 and was only discovered when the student’s best friend told his parents. The student, in his innocence, had not realised it was wrong and placed complete trust in the authority of teachers.
  • The teacher, Mrs Baron, was easily provoked and enjoyed singling out students. She routinely dumped the contents of students’ desks out in front of the class if they took too long getting a book or pencil.
  • Fortunately, the Reddit user got his revenge through fiction, winning a writing contest with a piece about an evil fighter pilot, the Red Baron, who got shot down.

13 – Teacher Tells Students There’s No Santa,


  • A teacher has been banned from a primary school after telling children that Old Saint Nick is made up. The teacher told students at Blackshaw Lane Primary that it was their parents, and not a magic fat man in a red suit, who left their gifts on Christmas Day.
  • Several parents, who planned to go on lying to their kids for a few more years, complained and apologies were issued.
  • The head of the school has since told the substitute teacher agency she does not want this troublemaker working there again. There’s been too much trauma.

12 – Teacher Abuses Dyslexic Student,


  • Not since the Dursleys have adults been so indiscriminately cruel to a child. A dyslexic Reddit user recounts the time a fifth-grade teacher locked him in a cupboard for allegedly cheating.
  • Back then, there was no formal diagnosis for dyslexia, so sufferers were unfairly dismissed as stupid. This nine-year-old student, however, was gifted at mathematics, and completed his arithmetic test before everyone else. He took it to the teacher’s desk only to be told he must have cheated, since all his answers were correct.
  • He was locked in a cupboard with a new set of questions and again received full marks. The teacher was furious. She insisted he was cheating and rewarded him with a belting. Bitch.

11 – Drunk Teacher,

  • Californian teacher Tonya Neff allegedly taught her class while drunk. The forty-seven-year-old was arrested after school administrators told police Neff was ‘showing signs of intoxication’ on campus at Toro Canyon Middle School.
  • When police arrived, Neff was being treated by the school nurse. It’s believed her erratic behaviour was caused by mixing prescription pills with alcohol.
  • Neff was taken to hospital for treatment – which possibly included a cheeseburger prescription and a serve of greasy fries – before being booked into jail where she faced felony charges of child endangerment.
  • The school said Neff’s students were in no real danger. Guess it’s lucky she wasn’t a driving teacher.


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  1. Look up more info and inside sources about teacher ranked number two, due to it actually being a joke and the students enjoying it and thought it was fun and it wasn’t suppose to be a punishment at all, it was a medical collar for a daughter of hers and told the students that. Bringing all of this up after 5 years in just childish and that issue has brought enough pain to that teacher.

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