15 Worst Video Game Clichés


From exploring the wonders of space by force to fountains of cuteness we count 15 of the greatest glitches to have broken our games.

15 – Disembodied Arms,


  • It’s rare to look down in an fps and see your body in a game with the first person perspective, this comes off as rather lazy and it breaks immersion when you feel like you’re hovering a meter off the ground.
  • Although, this doesn’t really matter in competitive games, because you’re not really in it for the immersion in these games.
  • But when you’re trying to make the player feel like a part of a living and breathing world you probably should put in the effort to make the player feel like something more than a gun wielding poltergeist.

14 – Jam in your Eyes,


  • What happened to the good old fashioned health bar? Sure it obstructs the view and can sometimes ruin immersion, but the bloodied eyes does this even more so.
  • Having suspiciously red goo in your eyes that magically disappears after hiding in cover for a few moments doesn’t even make any sense.
  • I must admit that I’ve never been shot, but somehow I doubt that even if I do get shot I wouldn’t see red in my eyes, how about doing something that can really happen like tunnel vision?

13 – The Silent Protagonist,


  • Quite a few story driven games refuse to give the main character a voice, this is a missed opportunity for giving the player some extra engagement to the plot.
  • Now I’m not talking about the older Bioware games where your character doesn’t have a voice actor, I’m talking about main characters that say nothing in every sense of the word.
  • If you really feel like the protagonist must be silent at least have everyone acknowledge his silence, maybe make him a mute or a teenager that took everyone telling him to shut up way too seriously.

12 – Explosive Barrels,


  • Not only does this make no sense ninety percent of the time, it’s also lazy game design more often than not.
  • Why does the evil villain not put the explosive barrel where the protagonist is going to stand? Or at least train your soldiers to avoid dry humping them whilst waiting for their inevitable end.
  • Luckily games are starting to privy up to this nonsense by adding more plausible explosive set pieces like propane tanks.

11 – Useless Money,


  • It’s hard to tell if developers make money useless on purpose or not, because a lot of the time it certainly seems to be that way.
  • On the other hand, why even include a currency if it has no purpose other than buying the occasional potion or ammunition?
  • At the very least make the useless money believable and call it the Euro.


  • Epic (37%)
  • Wat (19%)
  • Creepy (19%)
  • Lewd (15%)
  • No (11%)