16 Knock-Off Chinese Products That Are Actually Amazing

  • From strange looking dogs to Google’s newest product, we count 16 hilarious knock-off Chinese products.

16 – Dogs,


  • Ah China, the land where rice replaces bread, chicken feet are a delectable dish and where dogs look an awful lot like Dogs. Actually I joke, obviously these are just China’s latest breakthrough in selective breeding.
  • Ignore the Chihuahua’s freakish genetic distance from a wolf and behold the Winged-Szechuan hound; named after the place it was made and, coincidentally, the seasoning it goes best with.

15 – S&Ms,


  • When you’re done forcing your husband to put the nipple clamps on you can get him to force feed you some naughty S&M chocolates. ‘But how is that dirty?’ you might be thinking, well my friend, there’s more than one hole to force feed on a female body.
  • Hell there’s two whole nostrils. Nothing says kinky like snotty chocolate.

14 – Mighty Car,


  • You can’t get much more bad-arse than Mr T mixed with his iconic van, with an axe and what looks like a Star Wars blaster pistol, but the pinnacle of the bad ass comes from this, there’s a goddamn lightning bolt on his manly neck brace.

13 – Facefood,


  • I mean really, where else are you going to put your food? Even S&Ms go in the nose, although I guess there’s always cucumbers, but that’s for plebs too poor to afford a proper toy. Like the Mighty Car.

12 – Punisher Dick Missile,


  • The punisher really is into punishing people and what says punishment more than a working dick missile? Nothing, that’s what, especially if you give a good thrust before ejaculating their body parts all over the place.

11 – Pika-sponge No Pants,


  • Who’s that Pokémon? Here’s a clue it lives in a watermelon under the sea, that’s right it’s pika-sponge no pants! The best part is that he ‘wish you have a nice day’ and that’s just sweet as a pea.
  • Although to be honest I can’t tell if this comes from china or Japan, because I’m pretty sure that weird 3 thing is a Japanese symbol. But good news! It doesn’t matter since China and Japan are literally the same country!
  • Let’s see how many angry weaboo comments that generates.



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