16 More Knock-Off Chinese Products That Are Actually Amazing

  • From unbelievable butter replacements to Obama selling chicken, we count 16 more hilarious knock-off products.

16 – This is not butter,


  • I should make fun of the awkward phrasing they’ve got going there, but I’m not, since I’m impressed that they managed to get the English mostly right.

15 – Popeye,


  • I don’t know who thought that Popeye was actually a gangster rapper, but I’m glad that they did since this image is hilarious in pretty much every respect. My only question is: what on earth is that brown stain on his face? I hope it’s not poop, but I have a feeling that it is.

14 – WiWi,


  • Another example of close, but not so close that it’s cause for a lawsuit, naming and design from probably China. At least these people managed to name their product something better than Nintendo themselves, I mean seriously ‘Wii U’ is a horrible name.

13 – Tappy Toes,


  • That’s right, for some reason these people thought that cartoon animals didn’t look uncanny enough, so they put shoes on what is otherwise a reasonably good representation of what a penguin looks like.

12 – Deats by NANI,


  • So you can’t afford Dr Dre’s sick, overpriced, beats so you decided to go for the next best thing, Deats by NANI DESU KA? SEPPUKU NO BAKA WA KAWAII DESU SUSHI.

11 – Special Man,


  • It’s funny how nuanced the English language is. If we call a human special we mean something completely different to the actual meaning of the word, which could totally be construed as a synonym for ‘super’ but instead we’re now thinking this guy has one too many chromosomes.


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