18 Ways You Might Die Tomorrow


From driving down the street to being struck by lightning­­, we count eighteen ways you might die tomorrow!

18 – Diving,


  • It might be time to stop ignoring those No Diving signs posted around your local pool. Roughly 6,700 people a year are hospitalised from diving accidents, with some becoming paraplegic – or even dying.
  • If you’re a massive show-off who can’t help themselves, try checking the depth of whatever body of water you’re diving into. If it’s too shallow, you’ll likely break your neck and die instantly.
  • Given how dangerous it is it’s a wonder diving isn’t cooler with the kids. Where’s the X-Games invitation?

17 – Alcohol Poisoning,







  • Alcohol may be the great social lubricant, but some people like getting lubricated a bit too Alcohol poisoning occurs when you consume too many drinks and your blood alcohol level becomes toxic. Eating big meals and spacing out drinks helps, as does sticking to the recommended limits.
  • 50,000 people are hospitalised every year because of alcohol poisoning, and at least fifty die from it. Even more suffer permanent brain damage, so you might want to rethink trying to be like famous drinkers Don Draper, Hemmingway and Barney Gumble.
  • Drinking in moderation lets you live to party another day. Nothing’s cooler than being responsible!

16 – Struck by Falling Object,










  • With birds chirping and the seasons changing, you might be planning on taking a nice walk through your neighbourhood. Be advised, though: you best keep one eye on the sky and wear some serious protective gear because falling objects can come at you from anywhere.
  • The death toll for people being struck by thrown or falling objects is between thirty and fifty people a year, so that irrational fear you have of being crushed by a piano might not be so irrational after all.

15 – Dog Attack,


  • Statistically, dogs kill more humans than any other non-human mammal. With their sharp teeth, strong jaws and razor-sharp killing instinct, man’s best friend can easily become man’s worst nightmare.
  • It’s estimated that around two percent of US citizens are bitten by domestic dogs each year, with around twenty deaths resulting. In 2014, this number ballooned to forty-two deaths.
  • Cute and cuddly, but potentially deadly. Yep, like a drop bear.

14 – Venomous Bite or Sting,


  • Afraid of snakes? You should be. There are a staggering 600 poisonous snake species in the world and every year at least fifty people in the US die from allergic reactions to snake venom.
  • Wasps and other stinging insects are also scary because of their aggressive natures and terrifying mobility. Forty deaths a year are reported from insect venom so forget that cartoon image of the friendly bee: insects like European wasps and Africanised killer bees are deadly.

13 – Suffocation,


  • Death by suffocation may seem unlikely, but accidental cases cause up to 3,300 deaths a year. There are different causes of suffocation, such as asphyxiation and smothering, and the way you sleep even plays a factor.
  • One in 4,404 people die via asphyxiation from choking on food, so cut your food into small portions. Keep all choking hazards out of the reach of children, particularly when they sleep, and learn from Michael Hutchence’s mistake by having a nice conservative, asphyxiation-free sex life.

12 – Fire or Smoke Inhalation,


  • Everyone knows that fires are deadly killers, but few realise smoke inhalation makes up roughly 50–80% of fire-related deaths.
  • Smoke and fire claim as many as 3,700 lives a year, so put back the batteries you stole from your smoke alarm and put into the TV because it will save your life.
  • Many fires are preventable. Keep all lighters away the children or pyros in your family, and take extra care disposing of your butts if you’re a smoker.


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