19 Strangest Sexual Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of

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From being aroused by the contents of your local bakery to the pleasures of a sunny day we look at 19 strangest sexual fetishes you’ve never heard of.

19 – Liquidophilia,


  • Ever jazzed in your pants when getting into a bath?
  • Well if you answered yes then my friend you are probably a liquiophile, meaning people who get extremely turned on putting their junk in liquids like water or mountain dew.
  • But out of common courtesy for everyone else you should probably not plan any trips to the public pool or the beach anytime soon.

18 – Yeastiality,


  • Mm-mmm sweet sweet sexy pastry and bread.
  • That’s right, it’s possible to desire a different kind of hunger for doughnuts than normal. Yeastiality involves filling that éclair with a very disgusting type of cream.
  • Dear god, I’ll never be able to look at a glazed doughnut the same way again.

17 – Emetophilia,


  • Always wanted to know what people who are turned on by ‘2 Girls, 1 Cup’ are called?
  • Here’s your answer, Emetophiles get moist in the pants for watching others vomit up their dinner.
  • At least it’s coming from the mouth and not the other end.

16 – Hierophilia,


  • If you have had impure thoughts about that Virgin Mary statue then congratulations you’re a Hierophile.
  • Involving the sexual arousal specifically to objects that are religiously sacred like crucifixes, meaning that someone on deviant Art is drawing a sexy version of the Ark of the Covenant.
  • But hey who hasn’t been in church and thought, damn Jesus has a great body on that cross.

15 – Zoosadism,


  • If beastiality is loving animals then this would be the exact opposite.
  • Being the literal meaning of the words, this fetish is just down right mean with people getting sexual arousal over hurting animals.
  • If I could only get off by hurting a poor defenceless animal then I’d probably take a vow of celibacy and become a monk.

14 – Xylophilia,


  • Do you get wood over getting a delivery of sexy 2×4’s?
  • You do? Good I can diagnose you with Xylophilia, the sexual attraction to wood. Well that gives a new meaning to the term “popping a woody”.
  • Just be careful you don’t get a splinter on your junk. Ouch.

13 – Lithophilia,


  • Well I guess this is for people who love rolling around on gravel. Oh yeah pointy stones.
  • Lithophilia is the love of stones, meaning that all geologists are probably carrying this fetish but just don’t want to admit it.
  • Man I’m trying to resist the urge to make a joke about being rock hard.

12 – Melissaphilia,


  • Ever thought sticking your dick in a beehive sounds like a good night in? No me either.
  • But melissaphiles might have, see this is the sexual attraction to Bees and Wasps which I’m sure probably has to do mostly with their stingers than anything else.
  • Maybe they just got a very different “Birds and the Bees” talk than I did.

11 – Katoptronophilia,


  • Got a friend with a suspicious amount of mirrors in their house? Well chance are they are a katoptronophile.
  • But before you go taking a rock to their collection screaming “I knew it you freak!” keep in mind that it just means they like to do sexy stuff in front of mirrors.
  • Why? Fucked if I know. Maybe they just are just tragically in love with the one person they can never be with, their reflection.


  • Lewd (34%)
  • Wat (30%)
  • Creepy (17%)
  • No (10%)
  • Epic (9%)