20 Embarrassing Twitter Fails


From insensitive jokes about tragedies to confusing vegetables with flowers, we count 20 embarrassing Twitter fails.



When working in the customer service industry, you need ideal customer service skills. Whoever runs the Domino’s Pizza Twitter account has such skills, which is evident in the response to a customer’s complaint about opening the pizza box and not finding any toppings.

The representative responded with a heartfelt apology and an e-mail address for the customer to properly file a complaint. However, the customer replied later stating that he just opened his pizza box wrong!



A girl tweeted the “thoughtful” gift her father brought home for her mother on Valentine’s Day. It turned out to be a vase full of asparagus, which her father mistook for daffodils. At least they’ll have a healthy side dish for dinner, as long as they skip the hollandaise sauce.



Paris Hilton gave a warm farewell to Nelson Mandela when he passed away back in 2013. She would always remember him for his inspiring speech, “I Have a Dream.” Does Paris also think that Martin Luther King Jr. was the President of South Africa?


dumb twitter

Instead of tweeting to NBA Central, make sure to contact them via cell phone. This is because they don’t have an account on Twitter! It says so on their… Twitter account. Apparently, NBA Central didn’t quite grasp what Twitter was all about back in 2015. Let’s hope they do now.



When guys get hugged, the hugger is greeted with the fresh smell of a guy’s large intestine… wait, what? This tweet said, “When you hug a guy and smell his colon,” and included some emojies after it. Obviously, “cologne” was what the user meant, although with people today you never know.



This girl’s tweet that simply says that she wants her first daughter to be a girl is something to think about. Seriously, think about it… while we’re in our mother’s womb, we all start out as females. It just depends on whether there’s a Y chromosome in the embryo. That determines whether we stay female or become male.

That concludes today’s biology lesson.



Some people don’t keep up with current events, like what is happening overseas or even in their own country. This user apparently doesn’t know something that most people do – the name of the President of the United States. When she asked what Obama’s last name was, this user didn’t realize she had already answered her own question!


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