20 Images You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped


From a suburban black hole to fish eating fish eating fish, we count twenty images you won’t believe weren’t altered using Photoshop wizardry!

20 – Hole in the Head,


  • Billy Owen is a family man and former motorcycle mechanic who unfortunately lost his right eye and part of his skull to cancer.
  • Instead of letting his situation beat him, Billy returned life’s kick in the balls and now makes money performing in horror movies, music videos and at haunted houses.

19 – Unusual Dinner Guest,


  • This photo is almost too shocking to believe. In it, we can see man and bear setting aside their differences over a nice roast. It looks so damn wholesome. Everyone’s smiling like the bear just told a hilarious anecdote. And, hey, I’m digging the turtleneck sweaters, guys.
  • The reality, as I’m sure you may have guessed, is that this is no ordinary bear. This is Brutus, a TV actor, who was raised in captivity his entire life. Brutus is so tame he even performed the role of best man in his owner’s wedding.

18 – Perfect Formation,


  • It seems the thousands rehearsal hours paid off for these Chinese troops. They’re marching in perfect formation, and are all of an extremely similar height and build. It almost looks like someone used the clone tool in Photoshop.
  • I’m surprised the Chinese army was able to recruit this many troops with severe OCD. I mean, how else can you account for such absurd attention to detail?

17 – Goat Tree,


  • This photo was taken somewhere in the Moroccan desert. It shows a tree full of goats, happily wiling away a warm afternoon. Can you imagine if you were taking a nap under one of these trees and a goat fell on you?
  • I mean, what’s next? A cow flower? Say … That’s not bad. I should patent it. A ‘clower’.

16 – Rock Balancing,


  • You might think you can debunk this image by screaming photoshop! or superglue! But it’s actually an example of an old discipline slash art form known as ‘rock balancing’.
  • There are no tricks involved to aid in the balancing, so all adhesives, wires, supports, and rings are out. The rocks are just stacked in precarious ways that seem to defy gravity. It’s like Jenga on ultra hard mode.


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