20 Life Hacks To Solve Problems You Never Thought About


From the key to clearing up foggy mirrors to airport luggage you’ll never lose again, we count 20 real life hacks that may solve a few of the problems you didn’t even know you had.

20 – Whiten Laundry with Egg Shells,


  • This is a nice alternative to bleach when you whack all your dirty clothes in the washing machine – not AS effective, but free and all natural
  • You put some of the empty shells in a muslin cheese cloth bag and put them inside the machine, then follow up with all your white clothes and they should come out visibly whiter

19 – Hair Brush,


  • It’s the hardest thing in the world to untangle hair-ridden brushes, but there is a method using something you might not expect – a toothbrush
  • After you snag out the clumps with tweezers or scissors, you put the brush in a bowl of soapy hot water, scrub with a toothbrush, let soak and it’ll turn out as clean as the day you bought it

18 – Hiccups,


  • It’s the age old question of how to get rid of hiccups – most claim scaring the person works, or holding your breath – but doctors will tell you, actually, drinking from a bottle of vinegar tends to work quite well
  • However you choose to ingest it is up to you, some prefer apple cider vinegar or a shot of malt vinegar or even just swig from a bottle of pure vinegar – your hiccups should disappear guaranteed

17 – Phone,


  • We’ve all had that problem where you forget to take your phone out the pocket before you put it in the washing machine, or you go for a dive into a lake and you come out with a broken phone
  • The solution, apart from letting it dry over a while, is to soak it into a ziploc bag of rice for 24 hours, where it’ll absorb all the moisture inside the phone and dry it out ultra fast – fantastic if you really, really need to use your broken phone and you can’t wait a week

16 – Painting,


  • If you happen to be painting a house and don’t have any sticky and duct tape handy, there’s an easy cheap alternative you might never have considered
  • Use aluminium foil to wrap wall objects so they’re paint free while brushing every square inch around it – with the bonus that you don’t get any leftover stickiness or risk of the object burning because it’s, y’know, aluminium foil


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