20 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist


From ocean fireballs to mythical apes and ghosts that only show up on film, these are 20 photos so mysterious, so impossible that it’s often said they shouldn’t exist at all.

20 – The Tadpole Monster


  • 1964, Queensland Australia
  • French photographer Robert Serrec along with his family were vacationing off the coast inside row boats when this large snake-like creature appeared
  • It was 6 feet below water, approximately 80 feet long with a giant wound in its back
  • One person managed to snag this photo before the creature swam off, never to be seen again, still a mystery to this day

19 – The Modern Time Traveller


  • 1941, the South Forks Bridge grand opening in Canada
  • This photograph supposedly contains a time traveller seen in the dark shades
  • His clothing, sunglasses and especially the camera he carries are far beyond were not available nor even invented back then
  • A good deal of theorists claim this is definitive proof that time travel is indeed possible

18 – Naga Fireballs


  • These fireballs, or Mekong Lights as the locals call them, is a phenomenon with an unconfirmed source said to be seen in Thailand’s Mekong river, but also said to appear in Isan and Laos
  • Basketball sized glowing balls shoot out of the sea and into the air, vanishing after a few hundred metres
  • Theorists suggest phosphine gas, but no current science can accurately explain why this photo is possible

17 – The Hampton Court Ghost


  • 2003, Hampton Court Palace, London
  • A fire alarm sounded, alerting guards that a door had been opened
  • The guards searched every door but they were all sealed and bolted
  • However, this disturbing image was found via their CC security cameras, even though the door remained sealed minutes later
  • Nobody could explain how this was possible

16 – The Solway Firth Astronaut


  • 1964, Burgh by Sands in Cumbria, England
  • Jim Templeton was in a marsh taking photos of his daughter, everything fine, but when he developed said photos this spaceman appeared in the background
  • According to Templeton, there was nothing behind her at the time, a clear day, and Kodak verified the photo had not been tampered with

15 – Babushka Lady


  • 1963, Dallas, Texas, the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • A mysterious old woman with a brown overcoat and scarf appears in a huge number of photos during the assassination
  • It’s highly speculated she was taking photos at the time, and despite the FBI publicly requesting for her to come forward, she never did
  • Nobody ever heard from her again

14 – Battle of Los Angeles


  • 1942, three months after the start of World War II
  • On the evening of the 24th of February, an aerial barrage assaulted the sky over LA with no planes in sight
  • The official word was: soldiers had gotten trigger happy when a weather balloon passed over LA, but UFO conspiracists have speculated it was a cover-up for extraterrestrial spacecrafts, a common belief at the time
  • This is one of the only known photos of the mysterious battle

13 – The S.S. Watertown Ghosts


  • 1924, an oil tanker sailing toward the Panama Canal
  • James Courtney and Michael Meehan were aboard at the time, and accidentally killed by gas fumes
  • They were then buried at sea, but those still aboard the S.S. Watertown noticed something peculiar following the ship
  • Two ghostly faces, floating along the ocean, silent and staring, the ship’s captain took one snapshot of this phenomenon, and you’re looking at it now
  • It couldn’t be explained

12 – Freddy Jackson’s Ghost


  • 1919, a photo of Sir Victor Goddard’s squadron, men who had served in World War 1 aboard the HMS Daedalus
  • This ghostly face was said to belong to that of Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic accidentally killed two days prior by an airplane propeller
  • All the men in this photo confirmed it was Jackson’s face, as his funeral was being held that day

11 – The Falling Body


  • The story is simply and fairly obvious
  • The Cooper family moved into their new home in Texas, a photograph is taken and when it’s developed, a body appears from the ceiling
  • There isn’t much context here, it could be real, it could be fake, but there’s no way to know for sure

10 – The McMinnville UFO


  • 1950, McMinnville, Oregon, super famous photo, thought to be the “original” UFO
  • The reason this one was so famous? It was picked up by LIFE magazine and went on to get featured in hundreds of newspapers across the country, mind you this is only 12 years after the infamous “war of the worlds” broadcast and fear of the unknown was fresh in pop culture
  • To this day the flying saucer blob on the photo remains controversial – what could it possibly be?

9 – Brown Lady of Raynham Hall


  • 1936, photographers from Country Life magazine took this snapshot in Raynham Hall, Norfolk
  • The story went in 1835, a houseguest in the Hall noticed a phantom in a brown dress, eyes gouged out, wandering the halls
  • To this day nobody can explain what this white image in the photo could be, though sceptics argue it lacks a good deal of authenticity

8 – Hessdalen Light


  • These mysterious lights over Hessdalen valley have been reported multiple times for the last 80 years
  • But it was during the years 1981 and 1984 that the lights started appearing much more frequently, over 20 times a week – to the point where people would show up just to see
  • Some suggest it’s an unstable tear through space-time, one we can’t yet understand

7 – Skunk Ape


  • 2000, Florida, sightings of a large, foul-smelling ape creature have been frequent for 30 years, but it was an anonymous woman that mailed this single photo to her local Sheriff’s department that put a face to the name, Skunk Ape
  • She wrote that on three separate occasions this ape entered her backyard to steal apples
  • Since that time nobody can disprove this photo, it looks authentic, and it’s highly possibly it belongs to the group hominid cryptid said to inhabit Floridy, Carolina and Arkansas
  • And it could very well be creeping around to this day

6 – The Spectre of Newby Church


  • 1963, a church in North Yorkshire, England, Reverend K. F. Lord took this photograph inside his church alongside several others
  • He thought nothing of it until the film was developed, and this hooded creature appeared
  • Experts say the photo is not the result of a double exposure, the figure is truly there in the shot, but what it could be, nobody knows

5 – The UFO Painting


  • The mid 14 hundreds, while technically not a photo, this painting called the Madonna with Saint Giovannino by Domenico Ghirlandaio, depicts something very unsettling
  • Above Mary’s right shoulder you can clearly see a round, spiky object in the sky
  • Air travel wouldn’t be invented for another 400 years, and there is no known phenomena that could account for this bizarre shape in otherwise standard painting for the era
  • Did they see something we didn’t? We’ll never know

4 – The Phoenix Lights


  • 1997, 5 giant lights appear in the sky over the city
  • They appear one at a time, stay for a while, then disappear
  • Reports from earlier that day described a colossal mile-wide dark aircraft in the sky moving from town to town
  • A nearby air force base claimed the lights were simply flares attached to helium balloons, but because of how perfectly in line they were, people don’t buy it
  • There’s a full documentary on this, Youtube link below

3 – Loch Ness


  • Old Nessy is a sea monster, massive urban legend, rumoured to be a still-surviving dinosaur known as a Plesiosaur
  • Most famous image, the “surgeon’s photograph” from 1934, though this was later revealed to be a giant hoax, made of a toy submarine and plastic wood neck
  • However, eyewitness accounts and even live footage of Nessie are evidence enough that there at least one creature in the Loch, but we may never know if it’s the fabled dinosaur

2 – Big Foot


  • Also known as the Sasquatch, found in the American Northwest
  • Like Nessie, the legend of Bigfoot has grown with folklore, hoaxes and faked photos
  • But there is a very real possibility that Bigfoot isn’t a hoax
  • Giant apes known as Gigantopithecus blacki existed as recent as 100,000 thousand years ago, and they were over triple the size of humans and walked on back legs
  • It’s very much possible a few survived, somewhere out in the wilderness

1 – The Black Knight


  • The legend goes: a mysterious black object orbits that Earth, one that’s been around for 13,000 years
  • This object dubbed “The Black Knight” had allegedly been beaming signals to Earth for a long time but only recently have we acquired the technology to receive it
  • The legend claims it was put there to watch us, to study Earth’s development, and this is one of the few photos taken of it
  • However, like a lot of myths, it took on a life of its own, unrelated stories about noises from outer space combined with Black Knight theories gave birth to this legend, and there hasn’t been much evidence of its continued existence
  • But it’s not impossible that somewhere out there, someone or something is studying us, silently, and it may be Batman. I hope it’s Batman.
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