20 Pieces of Impossible 3D Street Art


From 3-dimensional water phoenixes to underground Santa chambers in the middle of the street, we count 20 seriously awesome street art ever created by massively talented people.

20 – Santa’s Grotto


  • This one was created by Julian Beever the veteran 3D street painter in December last year – it depicts an underground cave with Santa and his elves hard at work building presents
  • Today it lies in Camberley, United Kingdom – and it only took him a total of 4 days to complete

19 – Ronzo


  • This one is part of a series of birds randomly placed in London’s Brick Lane as well as council estates by independent artist Ronzo the “Vandal Extraordinaire”
  • They’re meant to contrast the bland, mundane environments around them – gansta birds wearing bling and filled with colour in a grey street

18 – Shopping Mall Waterfall


  • This one was created by German artist Edgar Muller in Shanghai, 2009
  • In total the blue waterfall extends in a massive 300-square-meter diameter corded off by gates – and the reason it was made was to promote Shanghai’s 2010 World Expo happening one year afterwards

17 – Phoenix


  • This is also by Edgar Muller, a giant flying water phoenix flying up from a rocky pool in Michigan, USA
  • It was originally created for the City Art Gallery mid-2011 and drew crowds from all around the world to pose for photographs and the like

16 – Fallen Soldiers


  • A publicly collaborative effort headed by British artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss to honour International Peace Day
  • They were joined by over 50 volunteers and 500 locals to rake and stencil in body lines on the beaches of Normandy
  • They only lasted a few hours before the tide rolled in and washed them away, but they managed 9,000 bodies


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