20 Secret Organisations You May Not Know About


From hooded figures to secret college clubs for the elite, these are 20 of the most mysterious and reclusive societies ever to control world events from behind the scenes.

20 – Ordo Templi Orientis
• It’s a mystic group from the early 20th century
• Their general philosophy: new age esoteric principles to realise one’s true identity, along with their belief in the magic power of masturbation
• There was a rulebook, a manifesto written by the founder Aleister Crowley called the Mysteria Mystica Maxima, and in it, there’s a whole section dedicated to their adoration of the phallus

19 – Krypteia
• It was an ancient rite of passage for young Spartan warriors following their formal education
• They were stripped of their clothes, armed with naught but a single knife, and told to survive in the wild while they searched the countryside for revolts and misdeeds
• Many perished, some even allowed to commit suicide due to their harsh task

18 – The Bilderberg Group
• Started in 1954, it’s primary goal: to allow its members to promote understanding between cultures of the USA and Western Europe, but without media miss-interpretation, which would allow them to speak freely
• It’s usually held once a year in five star hotels, and while its agenda and list of participants is open to the public, all matters discussed are kept secret. Nobody has ever spoken about what happens in these meetings

17 – The Masonic Knights Templar
• A modern spin-off of Masonry, it shouldn’t be confused with the original famous Knights Templar, a military religious group from the 12th century
• Members of this Masonic Knights Templar take inspirations from the original group, borrowing ideas and symbols, but they’re not directly related nor do they claim to be

16 – The Black Hand
• 1912, this is a group started in Serbia
• Their mission: to ignite a war between Servia and Austria, in order to free themselves from Slavic nations
• This group is famous because they tried to attack an Austrian official Franz Ferdinand, but they instead killed a Hungarian politician – causing Austria and Hungary to gang up on Servia, which then developed into a little skirmish we like to call World War 1.

15 – Skull and Bones
• 1833, a super secret college club that had a lot of famous people pass through its ranks
• John Kerry was among them, along with William F Buckly, Senator John Chaffe and as you can see in this photo, George W. Bush standing to the left of the clock
• These college kids are inducted the year before their graduation, only those willing to sacrifice their independence for the orders unknown goal – theorised to be the running of America
• According to a 1999 report, their clubs value exceeded 4 million dollars

14 – Hashshashin
• An order of Muslim assassins from the 13th century
• Their super small number of members focused on guerilla tactics, espionage, sabotage and political assassinations
• They’d plant moles in buildings and organisations, to attack only when needed
• They’d use stealth to cause intimidation, leaving knives on pillows of high-ranking officials to warn them of their influence and strength
• Ultimately, Mongols destroyed their group and they vanished, serving as inspiration for games like Assassin’s Creed

13 – The Fenians
• 1858, an Irish nationalist organisation that existed purely to eradicate British rule in Ireland
• Though it was an irish group, the members were American and they invaded British-occupied Canada to hold it hostage for Ireland’s emancipation
• It was financed by Irish immigrants, and though it didn’t succeed in a lot of ways, it was still an important factor in the confederation of Canada

12 – The Illuminati
• Original members of the Enlightenment organisation were called “Illuminati”
• This spin-off group known as the Bavarian Illumnati was founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776
• The widespread belief is that the Illuminati wanted to overthrow organised religion
• However, within 30 years, the group collapsed and it’s often though the Skull and Bones club is a continuation of this ancient organisation, to create a one world government based on humanist and atheist principles

11 – The Order of the Golden Dawn
• Created by 3 guys, thought to be a precursor to the Ordo Templi Orientis and a number of other occult organisations
• Their main focus revolved around magic, but their beliefs also cover Ancient Egypt, Freemasonry, Alchemy, Theosophy and Renaissance writings
• Their papers were released detailing their rituals, and there’s a good deal of controversy surrounding them

10 – The Thule Society
• Formed in Germany right after World War 1, this group had a very Hitler opinion of Jews
• It gained a lot of popularity over time, even gaining its own propaganda newspaper to spread Nazism
• Eventually Hitler himself took over this group and renamed it the Nazi Party

9 – Order of Bull’s Blood
• 1834, it was a college fraternity at Rutgers University – also shares a lot in common with Skull and Bones
• Initiates were encouraged to prove themselves by pranking members of Princeton University
• In 1875, Bull’s Blood stole Princeton’s famous cannon
• The Bull’s Blood is considered the oldest active secret organisation at Rutgers

8 – Knights of the Golden Circle
kgc (1)
• A secret organisation that flourished during the American Civil War
• They originally saught the annexation of Mexico and West Indies, but eventually they switched to Colonialism in support of the newly established Confederate government
• They were guerilla soliders, raiding Union strongholds in the west
• Over the years many public figures have been accused of being a Knight, such as President Franklin Pearce

7 – Majestic 12
• 1947, a secret committee of scientists, military leaders and government suits, with an objective: investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of Roswell and the supposed crash of a spacecraft in that desert
• By the time documents appeared with members names, all of them were dead, and nobody can safely answer what really happened with this group at Roswell, whether they found anything

6 – Freemasons
• 1717, if you’ve seen the Simpsons stonecutters, you’ll get the general gist
• Super secret club, only way to become a mason was to get recommended by a few different members, must be 18 and of sound mind
• The masons used secret signs and handshakes to communicate, and stylisted clothing like aprons
• Their meetings were rituals, refernces to the compass and square shape, god referred to as the great architech of the universe

5 – The Sons of Liberty
• 1700s, a robin hood group, notorious acts for a noble cause
• They used a lot of terrorism and corruption attacks, their belief being “no taxation without representation”, for instance they’d burn down British overtaxed tea ships at the Boston Tea Party
• Every so often they’d meet under an elm tree in Boston, it’d come to be known as the “Liberty Tree”

4 – The Club of Rome
• 1968, a global “think tank” composed of intellecuals and decision-makers
• They act as a global cataclyst of change free of political, ideological or business interest, but despite their noble intentions, most believe they’d abuse their power to overthrow America and transform the world into 10 distinct kingdoms

3 – Vril Society
• This is based on a 1871 novel titled “The Coming Race”
• It described a subterranean master race and energy form called Vril
• It was so well written that a lot of people started to believe it to be true, and a conspiracy began on the secret Vril society living inside a “hollow earth” in underground tunnels
• And rumours continue to this day

2 – Beati Paoli
• 1600s, apparently this group based in Sicily was formed to oppose abuse of authority rampant at the time, to avenge wronged women and punish corrupt officials
• Legend goes they hid the sensitive nature of their work by dressing in black hooded cloaks, operating only at night for maximum stealth
• They’d capture a suspect, take them back to their underground shelter beneath the city of Palermo and put them on trial

1 – Ku Klux Klan
• KKK has been around for a long time, famous for their white supremacy, white nationlism, anti-immigration and anti-communism, usually expressed via terrorism
• They adopted their masks and robes because they’d operate in small towns and thus didn’t want townspeople recognising their members, which only added to the horrific drama that unfolded

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One thought on “20 Secret Organisations You May Not Know About

  1. This piece is clearly written by a moron. It’s rife with inaccracies and misinformation.

    Ordo Templi Orientis

    The OTO was NOT founded by Aleister Crowley. It was founded in 1895 by Karl Kellner in either Germany or Austria. Crowley was admitted as a member in 1910. Two years later he was placed in charge of the United Kingdom’s chapter until his death in 1947.

    The Black Hand

    The Black Hand was a ultranationaist group which purpose was to unite the Southern Slavs under Serbian leadership. They were founded in 1901 not 1912. They are most known for the murder of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in 1914. Howevr they also murdered Serbian King, Alexander I Obrenovic and Queen Draga in 1903

    Austria and Hungary didn’t need to gang up against them since they were one country in 1914.

    The Fenians

    The Fenians are hardly a secret society. Fenian is an umbrella term for a member of the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Republican Brotherhood. In short, an Irish nationalist.

    The Illuminati

    The Bavarian Illumnati founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 is the origin of the group. It is not a spin off.

    The Thule Society

    Hitler did not take over this group and turn it into the Nazi party. The Thule Society’s goal was the search for the lost land mass to the north of Europe that was the supposed origin of the Aryan people. Hitler, a devout Catholic and Christian, had no time or use for esoteric matters.

    Hitler reorganized the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Worker’s Party) into the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.


    Hardly a super secret club. The Masons are well known for their philanthropic activies within the communities they’re located in. They meet in large lodges emblazoned with their name on it. It’s easy to get recommended for membership. The Masons are always looking for new members. The major requirents is one believes a supreme being and being of good character. Not that difficult to do.

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