26 Horrific Science Experiments


From force feeding LSD to successful mind control experiments, we count 26 scientific experiments that will horrify you.

26 – Scientist lets Parasitic Flea Live inside of her


• PHD student, Marlene Thielecke, was studying a parasitic type of flea when she discovered one inside her own foot.
• Instead of acting like a normal person and screaming before removing it, she allowed it to live in her foot for two months for study before extracting it.

25 – Ffirth and Yellow Fever

• Stubbins Firth, a great name for a twisted and disturbed individual.
• Ffirth believed that Yellow Fever wasn’t contagious and to prove this he came into contact with his patients’ vomit by smearing it in his cuts, pouring it on his eyeballs, inhaling its fumes and drinking it.
• He never got infected, but of course Yellow Fever is in fact infectious, but only during the early stages of the virus.

24 – The Third Wave

  • the-wave
    • History teacher Ron Jones decided to experiment on his class of children by convincing the children they were superior to other students in order to study fascism.
    • The students quickly adopted Nazi-like behaviours as well as increased academic skills.
    • However, Jones quickly saw the experiment was going too far and stopped the experiment on the fifth day.

23 – The Kilgman Skin Experiments

• Albert Kilgman paid inmates of Holmesburg Prison so he could inject Dioxin, the toxic substance in the infamous Agent Orange herbicide, and various pathogens, such as Herpes.
• Kilgman did little to nothing to ensure the safety of any of his patients, some developed infections that they spread to other inmates through sexual conduct.

22 – Homosexual Aversion Therapy

• Back in 1960s numerous people believed that homosexuality was a mental disorder and some people who found their own gender attractive wanted to ‘cure’ their homosexuality.
• The aversion therapy was carried out by shocking the patient’s genitals whilst showing them gay porn and not shocking them when shown strait porn.
• Most patients were psychologically damaged as a result of this heinous process.

21 – Tony Lamadrid

  • 2346084982_2f4f7fa096_o (1)
    • Tony Lamadrid was part of a study in which schizophrenic patients were introduced and then deprived of anti-psychotic medication.
    • The results included a harsh relapse into psychotic symptoms, which ultimately led to Lamadrid’s suicide.
    • This study was considered ethical and the Clinic was not prosecuted.


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