30 Most Embarrassing Tattoos of All Time


From ironic misspellings to Chinese symbols that don’t mean what you think, we count thirty of the most embarrassing tattoos!



  • This tattoo is interesting in theory, but painful in execution. Using a series of symbols, it’s supposed to read ‘To infinity and beyond’ – yes, like the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear.

  • Unfortunately, the person who got it was more into seeming clever than fact-checking and ended up getting the final symbol wrong.

  • ‘To infinity and less than!’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.



  • This bizarre chest tattoo of music icon Thom Yorke takes fan worship to a disturbing new level. Yorke is famous for his funky dance moves and for being the singer of British rock band Radiohead. He’s admitted to having insecurities about his lazy left eye, so it’s possible this tattooed super fan was making a comment on this.

  • This isn’t the first time fans have gotten tattoos of his face, but it is the first time he’s been depicted with a nipple for an eye. Far as I know, anyway; I’m no authority on Thom Yorke nipple tattoos.



  • This blistering shoulder tattoo is supposed to say ‘It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than to be absolutely boring’, but there weren’t enough funds left to get it proofread.

  • I prefer my credo: It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely illiterate.



  • Nickelback: the world’s most embarrassingly earnest rock band. Despite being hugely successful, Nickelback have exactly zero street cred, so anyone willing to permanently brand their skin with their logo is either incredibly brave or stupid. My money’s on the latter.

  • Oh, there’s also this charming woman. Like your average Nickelback fan, she oozes both grace, wit, cream and sex appeal. Mostly cream …



  • ‘Never don’t give up!’ This guy can’t decide what he likes more: double negatives or flexing his tiny biceps. Fortunately his new tattoo allows for both.

  • ‘Never don’t give up marking your skin with affected gangster speak ’cause always you’ll maybe never forget to remember who you really are … inside, outside and upside down.’ Word.



  • You just know the guy bragging about getting a condom logo inked on his arm has ‘Virgin 4 Life’ tattooed on his left arse cheek.



  • Perhaps hoping to outdo Mr Thom Yorke Nipple Tattoo, this unidentified woman took her fandom for Drake to the extreme by getting the rapper’s permanently etched on her forehead.

  • The Canadian rapper has seen photos of the tattoos and is unimpressed. While flattered, he believes the woman was horribly misguided and blames the tattoo artist for agreeing to go through with it.

  • I’m sure she’ll have no trouble getting a job or, y’know, walking down the street without attracting stares. And so what if she outgrows Drake? She can always get a new, err, face.



  • This is a beautiful tragedy for anyone who still believes in sanctity of the English language. Whyyy?



  • You know that moment in your life that was so beautiful and pure you wanted to capture it forever? This is not that moment.

  • I wonder what historians will make of duck-facing and fish-gaping when they study past generations? Reckon they’ll think they’ve come a long way.



  • Nothing’s tougher or more masculine than getting the word ‘Strength’ tattooed on your head! Unfortunately, nothing says ‘idiot!’ quite like a misspelled tattoo on your head. At least the tattoo doesn’t say ‘Intelligent’.

  • I recommend this person grow their hair out or invest in some big hats pronto.


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  • Epic (18%)
  • Lewd (14%)
  • No (10%)
  • Creepy (10%)