34 Hilariously Wrong Test Answers


Intro –

  • From talking about bacon, to answers that take inappropriateness to a whole new level, we count 35 hilariously wrong answers that kids wrote on tests.

34 – Fuck a Duck,


Sometimes it’s really hard to tell if a kid is just dumb, or if their parents should learn to control their mouths, hopefully they didn’t learn that word because the parents had to explain exactly what they were doing in the bedroom.

33 – Bacon,


  • I love bacon as much as the next person, but I really don’t think that bacon is always the answer, especially when it comes to astronomy.
  • Although, we can’t see the table, maybe it’s a literal table with bacon all over it and the kid is actually a genius. We may never know the answer to this conundrum.

32 – Hard Water,


  • I can see where they got confused, but really if you’re in what I can only assume is chemistry, it’s pretty obvious this person is just being a total smart-arse who never really paid much attention in school.
  • But at least they were brief.

31 – Free Press,


  • Personally I’d give this kid the right answer, you just can’t be sure that this isn’t a commonly used phrase in the particular place that they live.
  • But then that’s just one reason of many that I’m not a teacher, another being that I never really paid attention in class and I’m not really sure what teachers do apart from tell you to leave the classroom.

30 – Diabetes,


  • C. needs to learn more about diabetes, I’ve eaten way more than 29 candy bars and it didn’t give me diabetes; I got that way before when I visited the Cadbury factory and they let me swim in the vat.
  • Well, by swim I mean steal and by let I mean that I probably shouldn’t have admitted to this since I won that particular court case.

29 – 1895,


  • The worse thing about this particular image is that they didn’t show the next answer, I’m dying to know why 1895 ending was significant.
  • It could change my life, it might change everything.
  • Or maybe they just didn’t write anything in the next box, I’ll let you decide what’s more likely.


28 – Shit,


  • Unlike before, there’s no way in hell that Ascha didn’t know exactly what she was saying, it’s pretty damn unlikely to be aware of the word ‘shit’ while also being unaware what it means. No, Ascha wrote a swear down for the teacher and they just laughed, saying they couldn’t even begin to explain it, but really, they know.
  • That’s the last time that particular teacher welcomed the kids in their class with ‘Get to work you little shits,’ every morning.

27 – Naming,


  • This is definitely in the fault of the question writer, primary school was full of inane crap like that, I mean we all had to name weird things for authority figures all the time. I preferred to call the man in the corner Jim, but occasionally I mixed it up by calling him mister flashy for the man in blue.

26 – Justin Beaver,


  • I just love that this kid knew about Justin Beiber’s drunk driving incident, it gives you faith for the next generation of children; maybe they won’t fall for the latest craze and listen to good music like my favourite child friendly artists: The Wiggles, Barney and Cannibal Corpse.

25 – Nice Try L’Shane,


  • Yeah nice try L’Shane, don’t you think your daughter would have put in at least one woman buying the snow shovels? Also everyone knows that blizzards only exist in video games and movies.


24 – Penis. Penis. Penis,


  • I can’t tell if this was glued together, or if the teacher had to turn the page only to find yet another piece of paper populated entirely by shaft and the word penis written over and over—
  • Hang on a minute! The teacher wrote ‘See me after Class’ with an exclamation mark that has a heart under it! Well that changes everything. Lying about the size of your penis does get you some action.



  • Wat (43%)
  • Epic (24%)
  • Lewd (14%)
  • No (10%)
  • Creepy (10%)