7 Amazing Revenge Stories


From a woman who cut off her cheating husband’s manhood to a man stabbing a dog to death for biting his wife, we count 7 amazing stories of revenge.

7. Buford Pusser


During the 60’s, former wrestler Buford Pusser became the sheriff of McNairy County, in Tennessee. Once elected, he immediately set out to eliminate the Dixie Mafia and State Line Mob.

As a result, Pusser faced relentless assassination attempts. Once he was shot three times by an unknown gunman and survived. But the assassination attempt that hurt him the most was in 1967 when he was ambushed while riding with his wife, Pauline. Pauline was killed while Pusser was left for dead. This was when he vowed revenge against the gunmen involved.

Pusser was able to identify four suspects. One ended up being incarcerated and the others were gunned down. While some believe Pusser took some part in the deaths of the other three gunmen, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence. Either way, Pauline’s murder was avenged.

6. Lorena Bobbitt


John Bobbitt was married to Lorena Bobbitt in 1989. Until one night in 1993 his wife, Lorena, would face constant beatings. He also cheated on her, an act which he even bragged about to Lorena!

It all stopped when John came home from one of his affairs one summer night and went to bed. Lorena grabbed a knife from the kitchen and sliced off his penis. She drove away with John’s penis and threw it in a field. Lorena only called 9-1-1 when she realized the severity of what she did.

John’s penis was reattached, and the couple understandably divorced two years later. Lorena was found not guilty by reason of insanity and was sentenced to a 45-day evaluation at a state hospital.

5. ‘Katie’s Revenge’


A 10-year-old Indiana girl named Katie Collman was kidnapped, molested, and murdered by Anthony Stockelman. Stockelman was arrested, charged, and sent to prison for the crime but his punishment didn’t end there.

It turns out that Collman’s cousin, Jared Harris, was serving time in the same prison on a burglary charge. Harris gave Stockelman his own form of justice when he snuck into his cell and grabbed Stockelman by the throat. Holding him down, Harris gave Stockelman a large tattoo on his forehead that read, “Katie’s Revenge’.

Harris ended up being charged with battery, but at least Stockelman will continue to serve his life sentence with a little reminder of the atrocities he committed against an innocent little girl.

4. Louisa Manning


Bullying is a problem that many kids face. One of these kids was Louisa Manning who, when she was 12-years-old, was bullied in school for her large size and hair. She faced issues with self-confidence and suffered through an eating disorder, but was able to conquer those problems.

At 22-years-old, the Oxford University student’s physical appearance changed. In fact, it changed so much that one of her past tormentors asked her out at the university’s ball. Louisa recognized him and immediately had revenge on her mind. She put her plan into action by… accepting his invitation. On the night they were to go out, Louisa got to the restaurant they were to meet at and handed a server an old school picture of hers with a note written on the back. Then, Louisa left.

When her former tormentor arrived at the restaurant, the server handed him the picture with the note. The note explained the hell he put her through years ago and the repercussions the torment caused her. She ended the note with, “Next time you think of me, picture that girl in this photo, because she’s the one who just stood you up.”

The former bully did apologize to Louisa on Facebook for the past torment.


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