7 Bullies Who Got What Was Coming to Them


From internet sleuth retribution to bullies who were physically taken down by their victims­­­­­­, we count seven bullies who got what was coming to them!

7 – Reddit Delivers Justice,


  • A mean-spirited Australian bully got some unexpected payback from the internet. He’d been taking secret photos of overweight patrons at his gym and posting them on Facebook to shame them. The pictures also had cruel commentary.
  • The fat-shaming page grew so popular that members of Reddit and 4chan’s fit board got wind of it. These users combined their internet powers to teach the punk a lesson.
  • First, they turned the tables on the bully to see how he liked having his privacy invaded. They called his mother and explained what a jerk her son was. They then relayed the same thing to the manager of the gym.
  • Sitting back, the internet justice squad watched the bully’s comeuppance. In quick succession, his friends dropped him, his mother cut him off financially and the gym owner banned him from the entire chain of gyms.

6 – Professional Karma,


  • A young woman endured horrible sexual harassment from a male student for most of her high school years. The harassment, which was verbal and physical, got so bad that she dreaded going to school.
  • One of the girl’s peers urged her to file a formal complaint – even though they were, at that point, only months out from graduating. The girl eventually agreed, even though Mr Sexual Harassment would soon be out of her life anyway. The complaint was issued – to seemingly little effect – and everyone graduated.
  • The girl went on to college and, when she returned home for the holidays, she heard through the grapevine that her harasser had been denied a summer job and university admission. Apparently the sexual harassment blemish on his permanent record made him a little less employable. The karma police work in funny ways.

5 – Street Fight Surprise,


  • In 2009, Welsh thugs Dean Gardener and Jason Fender were trawling the streets of Swansea, looking to start a good old-fashioned drunken brawl. They came across their ideal victims: a pair of transvestites parading about in full drag.
  • They launched into a verbal and physical assault on the pair – only to discover these two transvestites weren’t what they seemed. They weren’t actual transvestites, and they certainly weren’t helpless; they were cage fighters on a fancy-dress dare night.
  • The fighters easily sidestepped the pair’s punches and brought their own smackdown in return. When the dust settled, the two ‘transvestites’ shouldered their bags and disappeared into the night, leaving Gardener and Fender to be booked by some highly amused policemen.


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