7 Cases of Blackmail Gone Horribly Wrong


From extorting famous athletes to ­­­­­­using infidelity footage to ruin someone’s life, we count eight blackmail attempts that went horribly wrong!

7 – Jaromir Jagr,


  • This has got to be the worst ever attempt to get money out of a professional athlete. A young woman tried to blackmail NY Rangers star Jaromir Jagr using a selfie she’d taken after spending the night together. Only problem was: Jaromir didn’t care.
  • Katerina Provaznikova wanted $2000 or she’d go public, ruining his image and his marriage. Except, err, he wasn’t married. Wasn’t even in a relationship. Nope, this forty-three-year-old bachelor was more than happy for the world to know he could still pull eighteen-year-old models.
  • Katerina assumed he was bluffing and posted the photo online. The funny part is that even though Jaromir was single, Katerina wasn’t. So she effectively outed herself as a cheater, made Jaromir look like a stud and became an internet laughing stock.

6 – Framed and Extorted,


  • A serial killer used blackmail tactics to implicate innocent people in his crimes. Using poison, physician Thomas Neill Cream left a trail of victims across the S. and U.K.
  • While working as a physician, Thomas realised poisoning his patients was more fulfilling than curing them. He was eventually caught, but his brother helped him escape his life sentence by paying off the officials.
  • Thomas then took his murder show to London. But here comes the twist. Poisoning victims no longer gave Thomas a thrill, so he started extorting important figures in the community. Doctors and members of Parliament were his targets. He claimed he had evidence that they were behind his crimes, but that he’d make it all go away for the tidy sum of £1,500.
  • Thomas soon came unstuck when he tried to pin his patient’s natural death to a prominent doctor. Thomas’s threatening note was taken to police and they eventually blew the whole operation wide open.

5 – Wrong Acronym,


  • If you’re going to impersonate a gang member and extort someone the least you could do is get the gang’s name right! That was the mistake an Australian man made while threatening a completely innocent man.
  • Ryan Selby showed up at a stranger’s home posing as a member of the biker gang ‘Finks’. He told his victim he was there to collect a $1000 debt his brother had supposedly chalked up. He also vandalised his victim’s car to scare the shit out of him.
  • But Ryan came unstuck when he mistakenly referred to the gang by the acronym ‘MYLF’. What he’d meant to say was ‘SYLF’ – or ‘Support Your Local Finks’. His victim immediately knew something was up. When asked to clarify what gang he was from, Ryan nervously said, “The one that starts with M… You work out the rest.”
  • Police eventually charged him with aggravated blackmail and property damage. Probably threw in an extra charge for being a dumb fuck. I mean, who doesn’t know that ‘MYLF’ stands for ‘Mom I’d Like to Fuck’?


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