7 Fans Who Turned into Psychotic Murderers


From a singer murdered by the president of her own fan club to ­­­­­­a woman who killed her dog to get One Direction’s attention, we count seven fans who turned into psychotic murderers!



  • There’s usually no purer love than fan love, but this batshit crazy One Direction fan proved you can definitely love something too much. This young woman was so desperate for her favourite boy band to follow her on Twitter that she threatened to murder her own dog. She sent pictures of herself pinning her pet Chihuahua down by the throat and said that she would ‘break its neck’ if the band didn’t comply and follow her.
  • One Direction probably gets 50,000 Twitter messages on a slow day (40,000 of them marriage proposals!) so it’s unlikely anyone in the 1D camp saw the deranged demand, much less responded to it. Of course, Crazy Fan Lady took this as a rejection. She told Liam she loved him via a tweet and enclosed a picture of herself crying and cradling her dead dog.
  • It’s possible this was a sick hoax, but regardless: she’s definitely one disturbed individual – and that’s not even getting into her questionable taste in music. Fellow One Direction fans labelled her a ‘psycho’ and told her to ‘burn in hell’. They’ve officially kicked her out of the 1D fan club, which, for her, would be a fate worse than death.



  • Walking Dead fans are a lot like zombies: they operate as a hivemind, some are a little slow and they chomp at the bit for updates about their favourite show. It turns out some even have trouble distinguishing fiction from reality, like this twenty-three-year-old New Mexico man who murdered his own friend because he thought he was a ‘walker’.
  • Damon Perry had been drinking heavily and binge-watching The Walking Dead with his buddy, Christopher Paquin, when he suffered the murderous delusion. According to Damon, Chris ‘all of a sudden changed into a zombie’ and tried to bite him. Using strategies from his favourite TV show, Damon fought back with his fists and the tools he had on hand – a, um, microwave and an electric guitar…
  • Damon was charged with murder and aggravated assault. The Ricktatorship was always gonna be a bad influence…



  • American sitcom My Sister Sam struggled to get ratings during its two-season run. But one person never missed an episode: psychotic fan Robert John Bardo, who was obsessed with the show’s star, Rebecca Schaeffer.
  • Robert was such a creeper that he hired a P.I. to find Rebecca’s home address. He then unexpectedly turned up at her apartment. She graciously signed an autograph, but then asked him to leave when he kept showing up.
  • Robert was furious about being rejected. He finally snapped, pulling a gun on Rebecca and shooting her in the chest. He was arrested soon after but Rebecca unfortunately didn’t make it. She now stars in the great sitcom in the sky.


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