7 Horrifying Uber Stories

From sexual predators to mad as hell murderers, we look at 7 horrifying Uber stories.

  1. Inefficient Rape


  • What should have been a short trip home ended up being quite the tumultuous detour for one Uber customer.
  • On a ride home one night, her Uber driver took her on a little detour of about 20 miles. Maybe his GPS malfunctioned, you say, well it gets slightly more sinister: he drove her to an empty lot and locked the car doors, Ted Bundy-style. It wasn’t until she started yelling at him that the driver finally caved and took her home.
  • To the temporary kidnapping of a customer Uber responded by apologizing for her driver’s “inefficient route” and giving her a partial refund. What a relief, I’m sure the victim replied; “thanks guys, that driver’s route almost landed me in Rape-city.”
  1. Driver Danger


  • In 2013, one Uber driver hit a woman and her two children with his car as they were crossing the street.
  • The guy was using his Uber app and struck the woman, killing her six-year-old daughter. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter but it was the company’s response that left an even worse taste in people’s mouths. It turned out they had a history of shitty driving; with a reckless driving conviction under his belt for driving into oncoming traffic with his wife and child in the car.
  • Uber said it wasn’t their fault since he hadn’t picked up a fare yet. I guess it shouldn’t matter what a person does just before their shift starts. That’s why employers never ask about your criminal history. That was BEFORE you were an employee. And if Jack the Ripper had been an Uber driver they’d would’ve said “oh but he only kills prostitutes.”
  1. Unselfish Uber?


  • In LA, after a night of heavy drinking a 26-year-old woman passed out in her Uber.
  • The thoughtful driver took special care to tuck her into bed. Except that it wasn’t her bed; when she woke up, she was in a motel bed next to her shirtless driver with no memory of how she’d gotten there. The footage at the motel showed the woman being carried to the room by her Uber but her driver maintains that she was too drunk to tell him where she lived and so he took her to a motel to sleep it off.
  • Though if he was such a good Samaritan, why did he stay for the slumber party? Somehow the driver wasn’t charged with anything. I guess that means that asleep counts as consent to being kidnapped in some states. Huh, the more you know.
  1. Self-Love


  • Some drivers just can’t help but reveal a bit too much of themselves to their fares.
  • But this is one case where that level of intimacy might’ve been welcome compared to what the woman experienced. In Kolkata, one woman’s Uber driver couldn’t help but share his affection for her; so on the way home, he whipped out his gear stick.
  • He driver proceeded to uuuhhh, express his lust by jerking his gherkin for the rest of this poor woman’s ride home. He was later arrested for ‘an obscene act’. The woman said in a statement that she was ‘satisfied’ with the results but I’m betting the driver was less than satisfied that his lady-lust didn’t appreciate his disco stick.


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