7 Infuriating Times When People Refused To Help


From ignoring a toddler who was run over by a van to people refusing to help drowning boys, we look at 7 infuriating times when people didn’t help.


7. A Girl and Her Phone


A girl in Chicago was riding the train one morning when two people began to viciously beat her.


It turns out that all they wanted was her cell phone, yet they seemed to concentrate more on beating her. The 19-year-old college student later said that there were two male passengers who stood by and did nothing. Luckily, the couple – a man and a woman – got off the train at the next stop before the girl sustained any more injuries.


At least the couple never got her cell phone.


6. Elderly Man Falls in Road


Riding his tricycle on the Xinghua Yangshan Bridge in China, an elderly gentlemen fell in the middle of the street. Several people went by, and several people noticed… but not a single one stopped to help.


Some people did stop but decided to watch instead of help the man, who was bleeding above his eye and couldn’t move. He was in the middle of the street for 15 minutes before an ambulance finally came and picked him up.


The reason the bystanders gave for not helping the poor man was because they feared being blamed for the incident, and possibly facing repercussions from the man’s family.


5. Mugging in Broad Daylight


A woman in Paris was using the ATM when she was robbed by two women… in broad daylight! It was around lunchtime, and there were many people walking by. Not one person stopped to help her.


The woman did her best to protect herself and her money, but to no avail. She grabbed one of the thieves by the shirt and wouldn’t let go as they, after successfully stealing the money, began to walk away. It caused quite a scene, with a few people – what appears to be a businessman and two street workers – stopping to watch, but nobody did anything.


Thanks to the “bad Samaritans”, the thieves ended up walking away a little richer.


4. Hit-and-Run Toddler


Wang Yue, a 2-year-old in China, was run over by a white van. The van didn’t stop after the accident, and the little girl lay in the middle of the road, dying of her injuries and all alone.


Actually, Wang wasn’t all alone. At least 18 people passed by, ignoring the toddler who was in desperate need of help. The nineteenth person, a grandmother, stopped and pulled the girl to safety.


But it was too late. Wang passed away shortly after she was rescued by the woman.



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