7 Ridiculous ways People Quit Their Jobs

From elaborate musical numbers to dissing your job on live television, we look at 7 Ridiculous ways People Quit Their Jobs.

  1. Joey Quits


  • The viral video ‘Joey quits’ shows the aforementioned Joey handing in his resignation.
  • But what viral video is as dull as that? Of course there’s the marching band behind him that erupts into a chaotic, celebratory, musical number. Joey’s boss looks like he’s about to punch him in the face as Joey declares he’s quitting the hotel he’s worked at for 3 and a half thankless years. The band plays him out and they scurry out of the hotel before they get taken out by security.
  • It’s the type of resignation that you dream about during a grueling 12-hour shift when your d-bag boss is breathing down your neck. Ahh Joey, you’re a hero to us all.
  1. Chipotle


  • These fast-food legends didn’t even wait for their shifts to be over to quit; they just straight up walked the fuck out.
  • The entire crew quit in one swoop, which would’ve been a blow to the store but when their note went viral, it was also a blow to Chipotle’s reputation. The store had already lost four managers in the two days before the walk out. The note the crew left on the window explained that they quit because of sweatshop conditions where they were so understaffed that employees had to work 12 hours shifts without breaks.
  • So there were no tacos or burritos that sad day and the head office of Chipotle worked their asses off to distance themselves from the disaster. But the whole incident just showed how shitty it is to work in the fast food. But it’s not as shitty as your underwear the day after eating there, oh snap. That’s right, we’re talkin’ skid marks.
  1. Liz Wahl


  • This lady fought the kremlin and lived to tell the tale. She was there to chew bubblegum and fight the power, and she ran out of bubblegum.
  • In 2011, Liz Wahl was working as a correspondent for a Russian English-language news station. At first she was excited but quickly noticed how one-sided the newscasts were and that the show was propaganda machine for the government and their Prince-like president Vladimir Putin. So on live air, without telling her colleagues, Liz dissed them all for being puppets for the man and resigned, stating that she no longer wanted to be used as Putin’s pawn.
  • The clip went viral instantly and she was championed for breaking through the Iron curtain. But I doubt she’ll be hired again in Russia.
  1. Charlo Greene


  • Another newsreader that classed up this list by quitting live on air is Charlo Greene.
  • She lived the dream while delivering a segment about the legalization of marijuana in Alaska. Midway through the run of the mill news report she went off script and blurted out “And as for this job; Fuck it, I quit.” Oh, be still my beating heart. All to focus on the legalization of marijuana in Alaska; which they achieved about a year later.
  • So don’t worry kids; smoke weed and swear at your superiors. All your dreams will come true. (Terms and conditions apply, dreams may or may not come true depending on a heap of other factors.)


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