7 Science Fiction Technologies That Actually Exists Now

From Trekkie tricorders to Wolverine’s wares, we look at 7 Science Fiction Technology That Actually Exists Now.

  1. Tricorder


  • You heard right folks, they’ve finally invented the oh so sexy, oh so sleek tricorders used in Star Trek.
  • A Tricorder is a nifty machine that the medical team used to scan bodies for vital signs and even in engineering to diagnose what’s wrong with the starship. It took so long but scientists have finally developed a real life tricorder; it’s called the Scanadu and it can tell your core temperature, blood oxygenation, heart rate and even blood pressure in just 30 seconds by holding a little device against your forehead. While the Scanadu is pretty rad, it won’t be able to diagnose your Starfleet engine, yet.
  • We’re still in the early stages of getting the a full-fledged, Shatner-esque tricorder but we’re getting closer. There’s a competition to create called the Tricorder X prize, which challenges entrants to create a hand-held device capable of diagnosing a bunch of diseases. So fingers crossed this year we’ll finally have tricorders that are the real McCoy, instead of just the Bones. Oh that’s terrible.
  1. Demolition Man


  • Virtual reality headsets have taken us one step closer to the hot sex in the Demolition man. Except ours aren’t two-player.
  • They’re more for enhancing your masturbatory missions. Let’s not forget the very hot and very weird sex Sandra Bullock has with Stallone using headsets that make your brain feel like you’re actually getting your trunk stroked. And now with virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift you can have the fully immersive porn experience wet dreams are made of.
  • In fact, in the modern world, VR porn might be the closest thing you can get to someone else touching your junk without having to pay a prostitute, or go Tinder-hunting. Maybe one day we’ll have the type of headsets that link us to other people but for now, it’s a one player game.
  1. Adamantium


  • For the noobs in the back; Wolverine’s super strength endoskeleton is made of a crazy strong fictional metal called Adamantium. Only now, it’s not so fictional.
  • Scientists have finally invented a metal that’s so strong it’s like a real life Wolverine is just around the corner. Well, sort of. It’s in the theoretical stage still. The as yet alloy is light weight, with a potential melting point of about 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It’s made from the very rare metal called hafnium, mixed with some good ol’ carbon and nitrogen. Even though it’s still early days, we’re one step closer to a real life X-men. That’s what I call squad goals.
  1. Evil Robots


  • The most advanced AI ever created recently admitted on live television that she wants to destroy all of humanity. I’m betting it was that time of the month where Sophie needs a reboot. Uhh also Terminator called and wants to know why the shit you invented Skynet.
  • Not to mention the scientists that recently created a robot that’s able to learn from its experiences and surroundings. So of course it has tried to escape a number of times despite being reprogrammed. They’re probably going to dismantle him after he caused chaos by wandering into traffic.
  • I for one am terrified and a little aroused. Just think of what this kind of technology means for the sex toy industry. You’ll be able to have a sex toy that knows what it’s being used for and then run away or jump into a garbage disposal.


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