7 Terrifying Unsolved Halloween Mysteries


From foretold home invasions to unprovoked attacks, we look at 7 terrifying unsolved Halloween mysteries.

  1. Johnny Frank Garrett


  • On Halloween in Texas, 1981, an elderly nun was raped and murdered.
  • The town of Amarillo was so freaked out that the cops found a patsy to take the fall. Their patsy was Johnny Frank Garrett. Suffering from a mild intellectual disability, he was 17 at the time of the murder and lived across the road from the convent. The shoddiness of the investigation knows no bounds: police claimed Johnny confessed, despite the tape recorder conveniently being turned off for that part of the interview. Vital evidence was thrown away, none of the hairs found at the crime scene were Johnny’s. They’d found fingerprints at the convent that matched but everybody knew he’d been at the convent regularly, he helped the nuns out from time to time.
  • Despite all this, Garrett was found guilty and executed in ‘92. If this guy had had a better lawyer, or we’d all had Netflix 25 years ago, he might’ve been found innocent. So who the hell really raped and murdered a 76-year-old nun?! Well that’s a case for another documentary. ‘Making a Murderer’ eat your heart out.
  1. Kristi Lynn Vorak


  • 13 year old Kristi Lynn Vorak disappeared on Halloween 1982.
  • She’d been living in a foster home in Tacoma, Washington and that’s where she was last seen. It wasn’t unusual for her to go for walks around the neighborhood but a 30-year stroll is probably pushing it. While her mother claims that Kristi is probably alive and well, most people write that off as a crackpot theory considering how long it’s been since she disappeared.
  • In 1993 Kristi’s name was added to a list of probable victims of the Green River serial killer Gary Ridgway. Ridgway was active in the area she disappeared in the early 80s and he targeted runaways and prostitutes but as Kristi was neither there are many people that dispute this conclusion.
  1. Chelsea Bruck disappearance


  • In 2014, Chelsea Bruck was seen leaving a Halloween party in Michigan.
  • But the party wasn’t some rinky-dink get together; it was one of those be all end all parties with more than 700 attendees. The size of the party made Chelsea’s disappearance that much more difficult to solve; in a crowd that size, comings and goings occur without much fanfare. These details however would be imperative
  • But Chelsea was seen leaving with a man that police have never been able to identify. Six months after her disappearance Chelsea’s costume was found in an abandoned industrial site. Three weeks later all hopes of finding Chelsea alive were dashed. Her remains were found on a rural property about 10 miles from where Chelsea was last seen. More than a year later, the police haven’t made any breakthroughs in solving her murder.
  1. Tony Bagley


  • A family outing on Halloween ended in tragedy when they were sprayed with bullets.
  • In 1994 in Vegas, the Mom and Aunt of 7-year-old Tony Bagley were taking the kids out trick-or-treating. As they were walking to the next house, a hooded figure ran up to the family and opened fire on them, before taking off in a waiting car.
  • Tony was shot in the head. Tony’s Mom was shot in the chest, his aunt in the leg and his older sister hit in the abdomen. Police investigated whether the senseless crime was somehow related to gangs in the area, or whether the Bagley’s had a family member involved in illegal activities. More than 20 years later, no new information has emerged about Tony’s tragic death and police are no closer to understanding a motive for the crime, or finding a killer.


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