7 Unbelievable Teens Who Fought Back Against Criminals


From chasing a kidnapper on their bikes to preventing a murder, we count 7 unbelievable teens who fought back against criminals.

7. The Two Camerons


When Cameron Cashdollar had his best friend, Cameron Fontenot, over for a sleepover, they didn’t know that would be the night they would become vigilantes.

While watching TV, the teens noticed a man, Anthony Adams, shining a flashlight through the back window. Instead of calling the police, the teens followed him down the street. When Fontenot confronted him, Anthony took a swing at him but missed. That is when he took him down with a chokehold, while Cashdollar took a picture and then called the police.

It turns out that Anthony was walking through the neighborhood, checking for unlocked cars. He even tried to bribe the two Camerons with loot he had stolen.

6. Bike Chase


A five-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was lured away from her yard by a man offering her ice cream. The man put the little girl in his sedan and went off.

Later, when police and neighbors were searching for her, 15-year-old Temar Boggs and his friend spotted the little girl in a sedan. They followed the sedan on their bikes for 15 minutes. The kidnapper gave up, stopped, and let the little girl out of the car before speeding off.

Although the police haven’t caught the man, at least the little girl is safe.

5. Attacked in Denmark


When a 17-year-old Danish girl was walking one night, a man came up to her and forced her to the ground. He began to unbutton her clothes, but the girl knew what to do in such a situation.

She took out a can of pepper spray and used it on the man, who ran away. Unfortunately, when the police came later on and she told them what had happened, they slapped her with a fine for using pepper spray, as carrying and using pepper spray in Denmark is illegal.

Her attacker hasn’t been caught.

4. Easter Carjacking


The night before Easter became a frightening one when a family stopped at the Dollar Store to pick up some Easter goodies. While his mom was in the store, a 15-year-old found himself face-to-face with a carjacker. Instead of using his fists to fight back, he used his mouth.

The carjacker stuck a gun in his face, cocked it, and demanded that he get out of the car. Despite the circumstances, and to the carjacker’s surprise, the teenager refused. The carjacker demanded he leave the car again, or he’ll shoot. Again, the teenager refused.

Why? The teenager’s 4-year-old niece was in the backseat, and he told the carjacker that he wasn’t leaving without her. This was when the carjacker told him to grab the girl and get out, and the teenager did just that.

The carjacker made off with the car, but the teenager and his niece escaped unharmed.


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