7 Unsolved Mysteries of Ancient Egypt


3. Second Sphinx


Most people have heard of the Sphinx, a statue of a mythical Egyptian creature located near the pyramids at Giza. Not many know there is more than one, and it was found in northern Israel!

While Sphinxes have been discovered in other places, pieces of a second Egyptian sphinx was found by a team of archaeologists at the Tel Hazor excavation site in Israel. So far, only the feet, forearms, and face have been found. Hieroglyphic writing was found on the piece between the two feet. It was apparently created for Egyptian ruler Mycerinus, who built the smallest pyramid of the Giza pyramids. There are theories as to how the second sphinx made its way to Israel, but so far archaeologists haven’t been able to come up with anything conclusive.

This was the first time an Egyptian statue had ever been found in Israel. Could the sphinx of Mycerinus be the only statue hiding under the dirt?

2. The Lost Pyramid


It is now being suggested that there was another pyramid at Giza. This one would have belonged to Djedefre, who became pharaoh after Khufu.

While the evidence is clear that a fourth pyramid did exist, it’s debated among Egyptologists whether or not it was finished. The foundation is there, but the remains only rise about 10 meters from the ground. Archaeologists believe it had no connection to the pyramids in Giza, despite how close it was to them. In fact, Djedefre’s pyramid may have been 722 feet tall if it was built. That would make it the highest ever built.

But archaeologists just don’t know if the massive structure was ever completed.

1. The Hot Pyramid of Giza


An international group of scientists started a project with the very catchy name, “Scan Pyramids”. While the name may not be terribly impressive, the project and their findings certainly are.

While scanning the Great Pyramid of Giza using infrared thermography, among other forms of technology, discovered something mysterious. They discovered that the pyramid’s limestone had very high temperatures. Being in the middle of the desert, this doesn’t sound too surprising… but these high temperatures were only present in three of the limestone blocks. This makes scientists believe that there might be two other rooms that have yet to be explored. They even believe that one of the rooms might have been the final resting place of Nefertiti.

Hopefully the scans of the Great Pyramid and others can solve the various mysteries that surround them.


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