7 Weird Stories of Parents who Forgot their Kids.


From drunken dads to arguing parents, we look at 7 weird stories of parents who forgot their kids.

7.Drunken Daddy


  • One guy pulled a phantom and disappeared into the night, drunkenly ditching his three year old.
  • The drunken dad didn’t even know his daughter was missing until the next morning when the mother called to ask when she should pick her up. In the gut-wrenching footage, he buys his daughter a sandwich and walks off.
  • The little girl tries to follow him but he yells for her to stay put and that he’ll be back. But he doesn’t come back. Luckily some responsible adults found her and took her to a hospital. The next day the brave girl was reunited with her mama. Drunken Dad was charged with child abandonment and reckless endangerment and put in rehab. Ahh it’s like music to my ears, “He’s checkin’ in!”
  1. ADD Daddy


  • One father took to Reddit to tell a cautionary tale about his woes being a Dad with Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • The father of three was left alone with his tikes when his wife went to run an errand. He suddenly decided to do some shopping, so he took the kidlets with him. Returning home a few hours later, he found his youngest sleeping peacefully in her cot. She was just a baby then.
  • His stomach lurched; he says he has no idea if she’d spent the time crying her heart out or slept through the whole thing. He thanked his lucky stars however that nothing worse happened to her. I wonder if he ever had the guts to tell his wife that story and whether she’d understand, rake him over the coals or just immediately start the divorce proceedings.
  1. Abducted Babe


  • When one mother in Australia went to check on her napping six month old, she was shocked to find the crib bare.
  • So Jayde Poole called the police and told them the only thing that made sense; her daughter Bella had been abducted from her home. Police arrived and searched the area. It was then they found the body of Jayde’s daughter, still strapped in her car seat.
  • Jayde had gone with her son and Bella to get take out for dinner and because Bella was so quiet in the car, she’d forgotten she was there. It was about an hour later that she was calling the police. She was so convinced that she’d brought her daughter inside with them. Tragically, Bella couldn’t be revived.
  1. Forgotten Beef


  • In 2010, in the heat of an argument Ezra Reyes’ parents stormed off in opposite directions; the only problem is that they both assumed that the other had their eight-month old.
  • Ezra was left to fend for himself in his stroller in a carpark in the Bronx. The tough kid was found by a street vendor, dehydrated but otherwise unharmed. It was apparently sheer luck that nothing happened to little Ezra, as the part of the carpark he was left has particularly heavy traffic.
  • It wasn’t until the parents returned home that they realized their disastrous mistake. The feuding pair were charged with endangering the welfare of a child and have apparently gone their separate ways both physically and metaphorically. But this is what happens when you assume; Your ass goes to jail.



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