8 Amazing Robberies Ever Pulled Off

From the bank robbing version of Daredevil to one of the largest diamond heists ever, we look at 8 Amazing Robberies Ever Pulled Off


  1. Banco Central Caper


  • One of the biggest problems with trying to tunnel into a bank is what do you do will all that dirt?
  • Well the thieves in the Banco Central Caper had the brightest idea, set up a fake landscaping business. Transporting the dirt away, the group were able to build a sophisticated 250 foot long tunnel right into the bank vault.
  • Hell the thing even had lights and ventilation. It did take the group three months but considering they walked away with $165 million, not a bad pay day for little bit of hard labor. Most of the gang is still at large and only a few million has been recovered.
  1. Santa Robbery


  • You can’t trust anyone these days, especially not someone dressed up as Santa because damnit he’s packin’ heat.
  • Well when we say these days we really mean 1927. See this Texan Santa spent the day talking to children on the street before he and three other armed men held up the First National Bank of Cisco.
  • After being spotted by a child, Santa and his elves took two little girls hostage and fled the scene. Luckily the girls were later found unharmed and Santa was locked up. However the general townsfolk didn’t like that idea and decided to form a lynch mob and executed him. This should be the actual plot for Bad Santa 2.
  1. Hillbilly Heist


  • Believe it or not but one of the largest heists in US history was referred to by the media as the Hillbilly Heist.
  • The Loomis Fargo robbery got this title because the mastermind was…well…a Hillbilly. So how did this guy pull it off? Well vault supervisor David Ghantt worked out “hey this place is understaffed and I have all the keys to take the money”. And he did, taking $17.3 million at his own leisure before fleeing to Mexico.
  • David only got caught because his accomplices were dumber than him, spending large amounts of cash within days after. They bought a $600,000 mansion, a new BMW and a velvet painting of Elvis. Yeah when you go from living in a mobile home to a mansion, people are gonna start asking questions.
  1. Brian Douglas Wells


  • If you somehow crossed Saw with Dog Day Afternoon, then you’d probably end up with something a lot like this true crime.
  • Brian Douglas Wells, a pizza delivery man, walks into a local bank with something the size of a shoe box under his t shirt. He hands a note to the teller saying he has a bomb and to hand over $25000. Leaving after collecting only $8000, he’s stopped by police and tells them he has a bomb strapped to his neck but shortly after it explodes…killing him.
  • Police find a series of instructions in his car telling him to follow a scavenger hunt style route to find keys that will get the bomb off. But as far as police can tell, Wells was never meant to complete the task, the bomb was going to go off either way. Eventually it was found by the courts to be a plot by local murderer Diehl-Armstrong.


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